Jadihel (Jadi) Taveras

Jadi began his service as Head of School at Esperanza Academy in 2018. Immediately prior, Jadi served as Dean of Multicultural Education at The Governor’s Academy and Associate Dean of Students at The Putney School. After several years of working in the field of international development, Jadi returned to education where he believes in the power of independent schools to drive meaningful systemic change. In 2020, Jadi proudly committed to his first term as a member of AISNE’s Board of Directors. He currently serves on the board of The Mariposa Foundation, Kimball Union Academy, Marigold Montessori School, and The Lawrence Partnership. Along with a strategic plan that has laid out the road map for Esperanza to position itself as leaders in Urban Education, Jadi has led the development and implementation of restorative justice, a culturally responsive curriculum, and community cultural wealth as institutional priorities at Esperanza Academy. Above all, he’s obsessed with spending time with his children.

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