In addition to aligning with AISNE Standards of Accreditation, AISNE-accredited schools must have:

  • A clear statement of mission and philosophy
  • Three or more consecutive grades in kindergarten through grade 9 or equivalent
  • Incorporation as a not-for-profit organization as attested by federal and state records
  • A non-discrimination statement as required by law
  • An appropriately constituted and substantially independent governing board, in accordance with the by-laws of the corporation
  • Policies and procedures to ensure that any perceived or actual conflicts of interest for board members are disclosed and managed appropriately
  • Annual financial audit, performed by an independent certified public accountant, that demonstrates adequate financial resources to carry out its mission


AISNE Eligibility Criteria and Accreditation Standards

AISNE School Accreditation Handbook

I have always believed the accreditation process is essential for schools that want to continue to better serve their students. From the writing of the self-study to the input from the visiting team, the process has helped our school to be able to celebrate our many strengths and consider opportunities for improvement. Our school is a better school because of AISNE accreditation.

– AISNE Member Head of School

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Elementary and middle schools interested in accreditation by AISNE should contact Accreditation Director, Sara Wilson.