Engage your school in a rigorous, ongoing self-examination of how you deliver on your unique mission.

Accreditation is a service that is available to AISNE’s independent elementary and middle school members in New England. Accreditation provides quality assurance that a school is meeting rigorous standards in all aspects of its operations and that it is operating in alignment with its mission. Accreditation emphasizes institutional health and promotes continuous school improvement.

The ultimate goal of the accreditation process is the enhancement of student learning and growth in our schools.

Elementary and middle schools interested in accreditation by AISNE should contact Accreditation Director, Sara Wilson.

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Express your school’s interest in being accredited by AISNE

AISNE accreditation cycle principals


  • Strengthen commitment and congruence to mission
  • Facilitate institutional reflection and self-evaluation
  • Affirm the strengths of the school
  • Help identify areas for improvement
  • Provide structure and a timetable for institutional reflection, dialogue, and change
  • Allow for performance measurement against a wide range of standards of good practice
  • Demonstrate the school’s willingness to be held professionally accountable
  • Enhance credibility with its immediate constituents and with the community at large
  • Demonstrate that the school is part of the larger entity of independent school education
  • Focus on institution rather than individuals, ensuring school’s long-term health

2021-22 Membership Committee

Committee Chair

Allison Webster

Head of School, Dedham Country Day School

arvind grover

Head of School, The Meadowbrook School of Weston

Rob Gustavson

Head of School, Fay School

Benjamin Kennedy

Head of School, Friends Academy

Donna Milani Luther

Head of School, Inly School

Dr. Kimberly Ridley

Head of School, Fayerweather Street School

Clair Ward

Head of School, Shore Country Day School

Accreditation Resources

The following are the most current guidance documents for the AISNE accreditation process and apply to schools considering AISNE accreditation for the first time or planning ahead for a future AISNE reaccreditation:

AISNE Eligibility Criteria and Accreditation Standards

AISNE School Accreditation Handbook

If your school is currently writing an AISNE self-study or hosting an onsite visit this year, please contact Accreditation Director, Sara Wilson for guidance documents that apply to you.