Our Mission

With an ongoing commitment to equity and inclusion, the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE) shapes the educational landscape for independent schools through leadership, education, service, and strategic advocacy.

Our Core Values

AISNE envisions a stronger, more inclusive, and more collaborative community of independent schools that – with the help of AISNE and each other – has the information, resources, and strategies it needs to thrive in a continuously changing educational landscape. AISNE uses the following core values as the guiding principles and beliefs that guide our work with member schools:

The Transformative Power of Education

We hold that children are inherently good and embody our hope for the future. AISNE schools, and all schools, have the potential to make our world better through their work to inspire, guide, and educate children.

The Community of Independent Schools

AISNE recognizes the autonomy of each independent school and the importance of collaboration among schools.


Consistent, responsive, and relevant service to independent schools is fundamental to AISNE’s purpose.

Equity and Inclusion

AISNE values the diversity of its member schools and is committed to serving them equitably. AISNE has a responsibility to encourage schools, within the context of their missions, to include children and families of many backgrounds in their communities and to create educational environments in which each person is valued and included.