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St. Mark’s School, Southborough, MA

St Mark’s School seeks two innovative and energetic candidates, graduating from college in either 2021 or 2022, to fill the position of Teaching Fellow starting August 20, 2022. This is a two year Fellowship program designed to enhance the holistic teaching skills of Fellows in a school that is deeply committed to antiracism. Teaching Fellows work with an experienced mentor, co-teach several classes, have regular opportunities for professional growth and participate in the rich and varied life of a boarding school, including coaching and residential life. The successful candidate will demonstrate a commitment to continuing diversity, equity, and inclusion work and a willingness to engage in experiences designed to improve their own teaching. They will exhibit the desire to be creative and inquiry-oriented with an inclination and talent for collaboration and leadership.

This Fellowship is designed in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania’s Independent School Teaching Residency program. This innovative and comprehensive curriculum program provides an opportunity to receive a master’s degree in education in concert with the Fellowship programs offered at St. Mark’s. Brief, intensive on-site sessions will rotate between the Penn campus and the St. Mark’s campus, pairing innovative and collaborative in-person and distance learning.

Specific responsibilities will be determined based on each fellow’s background and experiences. They will be supported by a mentor, Department Head, The Fellow Program Coordinator, and the Dean of Faculty.

  1. Academic Responsibilities: Through co-teaching, class observations and regular feedback, Fellows will develop their teaching skills and gain greater autonomy through their two years as Fellows.
    • Classroom Teaching: Co-Teach 1-2 sections with their mentor of an academic subject; Independent teaching in year 2.
    •  Support the Experiential Learning Program by attending or co-teaching St. Mark’s Saturday’s classes.
  2. Non-Academic Responsibilities
    • Co-advise approximately 6 students in the first year and advise 2-4 students in the second year.
    • Serve on a House Duty Team and a Weekend Social Duty Team.
    • Assistant Coach two seasons of athletics, or the equivalent, in a co-curricular activity.
    • Engage in regular professional growth opportunities along with the St. Mark’s faculty, with a particular focus on reflecting on one’s identity and antiracist teaching and learning practices

About St. Mark’s School

From its founding in 1865, St. Mark’s School has endeavored to provide an exemplary education in an intentionally small residential setting. Our school culture is shaped by dynamic and collaborative faculty committed to forward-thinking, student-centered pedagogy and active, inquiry-based learning. Through our global citizenship and antiracism initiatives, we cultivate a deep commitment to inclusivity, equity, and justice. We prioritize supportive networks and partnerships with peer schools, and our local community, in our experiential learning and Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning programming in order to connect our students and faculty to the world of learning beyond St. Mark’s.

Our academic culture prioritizes ongoing learning and reflective practice in and across departments and programs to deepen our commitment to equitable, impactful student-centered learning. St. Mark’s is committed to challenging students to think critically and creatively to discover and make meaning; to communicate skillfully in a variety of modes; to

collaborate effectively, demonstrating openness to diverse perspectives and new ideas; and to cultivate knowledge of self, including healthy habits of mind, body, and spirit.

St. Mark’s School is powered by dedicated, dynamic, and professional adults who are invested in the success of their students and colleagues. This strong commitment is demonstrated through their work in the classroom, offices, and studios, in the residential houses, in rehearsals and athletic practices, and in the level of care provided to each individual. The small size of the community and its rigorous intellectual atmosphere make St. Mark’s a great place to pursue a career and build a life.

We invite you to join us in this dynamic, collective effort to build a stronger, more equitable school that provides the foundation for our students to have a positive impact on their communities during their time at St. Mark’s and throughout their lifetime. We are looking for candidates who love and excel in their academic discipline, care deeply about students, work collaboratively with others, and are deeply committed to developing an inclusive community where all members feel accepted for all parts of their identity. We are seeking candidates who are members of, or support, traditionally underrepresented groups, and we are actively committed to continuing to increase the diversity of our faculty.

St. Mark’s employees’ dedication to students and learning is rewarded with competitive salaries, a strong benefits package, and a collaborative work environment. St. Mark’s School is an equal opportunity employer, and will not discriminate, or tolerate discrimination, against any employee or applicant in any manner prohibited by law.

For inquiries related to the Teaching Fellows program at St. Mark’s, please email deanoffaculty@stmarksschool.org

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