Middle School Math Teacher

Faculty / Full-Time

Birches School, Lincoln, MA

Birches School is seeking an enthusiastic and collaborative Middle School Math teacher beginning in August 2023. 

Birches School is an independent PreK-8 school located in Lincoln, MA. Our mission is to nurture students’ innate curiosity and creativity in harmony with the natural world. Birches students embody empathy, inclusivity, teamwork, and a passion for learning. Birches School offers a nature-based, interdisciplinary education in a supportive and vibrant multi-age setting. The campus is rich with natural beauty, and we are committed to educating our students through the lens of environmentalism and the joys of our beautiful natural setting.

Birches seeks teaching faculty who demonstrate an interest in participating fully in the life and activities of a highly engaging elementary and middle school and will contribute to furthering Birches’ mission. Successful candidates will exhibit a great work ethic, cultural competency, strong written and verbal communication skills, and an ability to inspire young people.

Equity and inclusion are core values at Birches School. We are passionate about and committed to building diversity within our PK-8 school and sustaining an inclusive and equitable working and learning environment for all students, staff, and faculty. We believe every member of our community enriches our diversity by exposing us to a broad range of ways to understand and engage with the world, identify challenges, and to discover, design and deliver solutions.

Summary: The Birches Middle School Math Teacher works to help students continue to build a strong math foundation, master “the how and why” (algebra readiness), help with independent work, and fill in gaps needed for advancement to next-level math class. S/he/they implement strategies for developing focus, time management, healthy work habits, and a growth mindset in an atmosphere that promotes enjoyment of math. S/he/they teach techniques for building math skills, mastering problem-solving, and accurate computation. The Birches Middle School Math teacher helps to track and customize assessments that pinpoint students’ needs, both meeting them where they are and taking them where they need to go.


  • Plan and implement the Middle School Math Program for grades 6, 7, and 8 with a strong forward thinking vision for preparing students with foundations needed in high school level math
  • Organize weekly class time 
  • Select and coordinate activities related to presentation of math projects to the community
  • Present math lessons and curriculum in a way that demonstrates recognition and inclusivity
  • Co-plan and run Middle School Advisory, serving as the primary family contact for 8-10 students, including conferences and parent communications for advisees
  • Select books, equipment, and instructional programs/assessments related to math
  • Maintain school equipment inventory and manage all related materials
  • Communicate each student’s progress with MS teaching team, identifying students’ needs related to math class and strategizing methods of support for each student
  • Communicate with Birches Community about math related activities
  • Contribute to each student’s  Progress Report several times per year (social-emotional/work habits for advisees and math progress for all students)
  • Participate in curriculum development related to integrating Thematic Unit Topics (Science/Humanities) into math curriculum each year, where/when applicable
  • Attend routine staff meetings and cover regular lunch and recess duties
  • Lead MS field trips and student team building activities
  • Serve as a member of the middle school teaching team, coordinating special events, programming, and student support across the gradebands

Birches School is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Birches School welcomes candidates who would add to the racial, cultural and gender balance of the School community. A classroom teaching position is physically demanding and qualified candidates will need to exhibit appropriate abilities. Appropriate accommodations can be made where necessary. 

Interested applicants should submit a letter of interest and resume as a PDF, along with other supporting material in common formats, to employment@birchesschool.org.

Birches School

Lincoln, MA
Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School
All Gender