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Acera School, Winchester, MA

Literacy Specialist


[Insert one-two line overview of the role.] A is looking for an experienced math teacher, curriculum leader, and teacher coach to lead high-level mathematics courses (including topics of calculus, number theory and discrete mathematics) and coordinate our mathematics program for gifted students. Bring your highly collaborative spirit and deep commitment to high-engagement learning and join our school community!


About Acera


We envision a world in which schools engage students in meaningful learning, in which teachers are freed as entrepreneurs in their classrooms, and in which students can become the best version of themselves, given each students’ unique capacities, needs, and passions. The Acera school day program provides students with unbounded access to learning, offering high-capacity students opportunity according to their ability, not age. Acera’s enrichment programs (after school, summer, and vacation week camps) are open to the public, and our Education Innovation (EI) efforts are actively engaged in public school projects to support educational change. We also partner with organizations beyond our walls, creating programs rich in sciences, technology, engineering, creativity, and the arts. We operate both as a lab school and a microcosm of what is possible for other schools. We seek to grow students’ emotional intelligence and develop the next generation of innovators, leaders, and creative thinkers who can make a positive impact in the world.


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Job Duties & Responsibilities


A core part of Acera’s program is our ability and readiness-based math block model. This candidate will oversee our whole math program. This year, with 144 students, we have 22 different math classes; we initiate each school year with a snapshot assessment experience for every student, ensuring that students are placed in classes based upon their ability without limits due to curricula or age. 


  • Coordinate the math program across the school
  • Manage assessment process to identify the best placement and math pathway for each child
  • Teach two high-level math courses (ie, calculus, number theory, discrete math)
  • Support and develop math teachers, providing teachers ways to expand their practice in a “low floor, wide walls, high ceiling” approach.
  • Design and offer parent education sessions about Acera’s math program twice a year; resolve issues around math placement and math learning.
  • Support each math teacher to clarify their students’ math learning goals and path, including commentary on growth. These comments will be included in students’ individual learning plans and narrative report cards, as well as in monthly math class updates. 
  • Write narrative progress reports for students and edit other teacher’s narrative reports, when necessary.
  • Support math portfolio submissions which show students’ development in critical thinking and problem solving, creativity, systems thinking skills, and persistence.
  • Communicate in a way that seeks to understand and assumes best intentions of colleagues, parents and students. Operate and make decisions in ways that have integrity with Acera’s core values of community, openness, innovation and curiosity, integrity, and leadership. 




  • Experience in a teacher mentor role, supporting growth of other teachers. 
  • 3+ years of experience teaching high-level mathematics.
  • In-depth understanding of mathematics as a creative endeavor and as a way of thinking, not simply as a list of procedures.
  • Passion, high energy, and a commitment to hands-on, project-based learning, with a willingness to explore mathematical ideas with young minds; Acera is a K-grade 10 school.
  • Experience in engaging learners with diverse profiles (including giftedness, ADHD, Asperger’s, anxiety) and through diverse learning methods (visual/spatial supports, executive functioning supports, hands-on manipulatives, games, simulations, debates, discussions, etc.).
  • Eager and skillful in leading parent education sessions.


Term & Anticipated Start Date


Full-time, exempt, school year only or year-round position. Start date as desired, by August 29, 2022. 


Salary & Benefits


  • Paid federal/state holidays plus school-year breaks.
  • Health, dental and vision benefits available, SIMPLE IRA.
  • Free after-school and summer programs for children of eligible employees.


Working Conditions


  • Prolonged periods standing and walking throughout school, classroom, and campus, including climbing stairs.
  • Must be able to assist students who have physical difficulties.
  • Must be able to kneel, sit, stand, crawl, push, and pull to assist and teach children throughout the day.
  • Must be able to traverse the space and adjust one’s tone and height, by bending or leaning, in order to teach each child.
  • Prolonged periods sitting and working on computer to complete necessary planning, paperwork, etc
  • Must be able to lift up to 15 pounds at times.


Equal Opportunity Employer


Acera is an Equal Opportunity Employer that does not discriminate on the basis of actual or perceived race, creed, color, religion, alienage or national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, age, disability or handicap, sex, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information, arrest record, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local laws. 


Conditions of Offer


You must provide documentation of a completed COVID vaccination series. 


All offers of employment are contingent upon CORI, SORI, and fingerprint-based background checks, as required by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Under the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), our company is required to verify the identity and work authorization of all newly hired employees. Therefore, if you accept this position, you will be required to complete a Form I-9 upon hire. Within 3 days of beginning employment, you will need to supply acceptable documentation days of beginning employment, you will need to supply acceptable documentation (as noted on the Form I-9) of your identity and work authorization.




Please submit the following to

  • cover letter
  • resume
  • personal statement of educational philosophy that includes a description of your classroom management/discipline beliefs
  • salary expectations


May 2022


Acera School

Winchester, MA
Elementary, Middle School, High School
All Gender