Chief Finance and Operations Officer

Administrator / Full-Time

St. John’s Prep, Danvers, MA

St. John’s Prep is an inclusive, Catholic, Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School for young men in grades 6 through 12. Founded by the Xaverian Brothers in 1907 our work today is guided by the Xaverian spiritual values of compassion, humility, simplicity, trust, and zeal. We educate students to be, do, and stand for GOOD in the world. We enroll 1,500 students from more than 90 communities.

St. John’s Prep is about people and community. The students, faculty, staff, coaches, alumni, trustees, parents, and friends know the school as a place that keeps students at the center of our mission and focuses on the education of the whole person.

The Prep community is guided by a shared mission that is expressed through three cultural priorities:

  • A call to embrace all people as created in the image and likeness of God.
  • A call to embrace a habit of excellence based on a growth mindset.
  • A call to empower all people to be unique expressions of God’s love in the world.

St. John’s Prep Mission Statement

St. John’s Prep, an inclusive, Catholic, Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School for young men in grades 6 through 12, is committed to educating the whole person. Our rigorous academic and extensive co-curricular program encourages students to develop their spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical, and creative potential, and inspires them to honor the diversity that enriches both our school community and the world beyond St. John’s. We challenge our young men to grow in faith and wisdom, to promote human dignity, to act with compassion and integrity, to pursue justice and peace, and to live lives of service to society.

Chief Finance and Operations Officer

The Chief Finance and Operations Officer (CFOO) is a key member of the Headmaster’s Leadership Team and reports directly to the Head of School. Collaborating closely with the headmaster, administration, faculty, and the Board of Trustees, this position oversees all financial, operational, capital planning, information services, auxiliary program, and risk management matters of the School. This position works closely with the Board of Trustees and serves as staff for the Finance, Audit, Facilities and Investment Committees. The CFOO collaborates with the Assistant Head of School for Human Resources in overseeing the benefits and compensation program of the School. The CFFO is charged with being a strategic leader who consistently ensures all financial and operational policies, protocols, and procedures resonate and advance our inclusive, Catholic, Xaverian Brothers Sponsored mission, vision, and values. The CFOO is a team-oriented and agile professional who openly models a commitment to the mission of St. John’s Prep. The opportunity is available immediately.


  • Provide leadership and direction to advance the mission of St. John’s through oversight of the areas of finance, facilities and operations staff including the Controller, Managing Director of Facilities, Managing Director of Information Services and Director of Auxiliary Programs. Collaborate with School Life staff to further develop the role and reporting relationship of the Director of Campus Safety.
  • Provide accurate, timely, and detailed monthly financial reporting to the Head of School and the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees.
  • Partner with the Principal’s Leadership Team and school life staff to support a mission-focused student and family experience.
  • Understand, assess, and recommend strategic practices to advance the mission of St. John’s in the areas of finance and operations.
  • Collaborate with the Controller and outside audit partners in development of the annual audited financial statements.
  • Oversee and enhance the work of the internal Institutional Risk Management Committee.
  • Collaborate with the Managing Directors of Facilities and Information Services to develop
    capital planning priorities and a long term vision of capital planning for the School.
  • Engage with the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees to manage the
    Endowment Portfolio in a manner that advances the mission of St. John’
  • Collaborate with the Chief Advancement Officer in the recording and reporting of
    philanthropic gifts in accordance with the policies of St. John’
  • Review and publish annually, the Financial Policies and Protocols of St. John’s Prep.
  • Ensure operational compliance with all regulatory and inspection requirements of the Town
    of Danvers and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Ensure compliance with all relevant federal statutes, regulations and policies related to our status as a 501c(3) institution. Ensure compliance with Commonwealth of Massachusetts Privacy Laws (CMR 201) and other relevant state and local statutes and regulations.
  • Collaborate with the Head of School, Principal/Associate Head School, Controller and Finance Team to prepare an annual tuition proposal, set compensation levels, capital budgets, and establish other financial priorities. Provide input to long-range planning committees to establish and execute the long term goals of the School.
  • Be knowledgeable of strategic best practices in finance and operations for independent schools. Discern which best practices can advance the mission of St. John’s and collaborate with the HLT and Board to develop, implement, and assess best practices.
  • Collaborate with the Controller and the Assistant Head of School for Enrollment Management in the oversight and allocation of tuition assistance resources.
  • Participate in all Board of Trustee meetings and the annual Board Retreat.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Head of School.


  • An appreciation for and a willingness to dynamically advance the mission of St. John’s Prep as an inclusive, Catholic, Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School.
  • Ability and interest to develop and maintain a highly collaborative and supportive working relationship with the Head of School, Headmaster’s Leadership Team and the Board of Trustees.
  • Willingness to be available outside of regular business hours on an as needed basis.
  • A strong background in Data Analysis, modeling/forecasting, reporting and strategic
  • Deep knowledge base of the financial and operational realities of an independent, religiously
    sponsored school.
  • Ability to engage with a wide range of constituencies including the Headmaster’s Leadership
    Team, Board of Trustees, Faculty and Staff, Parents, Students, Alumni and the Town of
  • An open, collaborative and strategic management style.
  • Creative and positive outlook, an ability to motivate others and a willingness and ability to
    provide affirmation and feedback for growth to staff and peers.
  • A sense of humor.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • 7 to 10 years work experience in a similar position with an independent secondary school,
    college or university setting preferred though individuals with strong financial and leadership
    skills in a related field are encouraged to explore this high visibility opportunity.
  • Bachelor Degree in business, finance, and/or accounting required. M.B.A.and/or master’s
    degree in a related field preferred.

Interested Candidates

Interested and qualified candidates should submit a formal letter of application, current resume, and a list of three references with contact information to:

Carolyn Stiles

Creative Independents

Please do not contact the school directly. Applications will be considered until the position is filled.

St. John’s Prep

Danvers, MA
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