Indu Chugani Singh

Indu Chugani Singh is an educational consultant and leadership coach working to serve the needs of public and private schools. She designs and leads professional learning cycles for districts, schools and leadership teams with a focus on equity as it is informed by instruction and student achievement, teacher reflection and growth, and systems change. Indu is currently a Consulting Leadership Coach with Lynch Leadership Academy (Boston College) in Boston, MA. For eight years, Indu served as the dean of teaching and learning at Milton Academy in Milton, MA, and as an instructor in the Independent School Teaching Residency (ISTR) at the Penn Graduate School of Education. Indu also taught English at the Winsor School in Boston, MA and at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, NH. She began her teaching career in Roswell, GA, alongside many of her own high school teachers, who inspired her to join the profession.