Geoff Wagg

Geoff is an experienced independent school leader with over a quarter-century of service to schools. Prior to his appointment as Head of School at Waynflete in 2013, Geoff served in a variety of administrative posts including Head of Upper School, Director of Technology, and Department Chair. Early in his career, Geoff focused on helping schools find appropriate ways to integrate emerging technologies into their programs. Geoff served for many years on the National Association of Independent School’s 21st Century Curriculum and Technology Task Force. More recently, Geoff has turned his attention to how faculty professional growth and evaluation can be a catalyst for program innovation. He helped launch the Folio Collaborative, conducted research on the topic during his Klingenstein Head of School Fellowship in 2016, and has spoken at regional and national conferences. Geoff is currently helping Waynflete achieve the goals of its strategic plan.

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