School Psychologist

Faculty / Full-Time

Belmont Day School, Belmont, MA

At Belmont Day School, we foster intellectual curiosity, honor differences, 

and empower meaningful contribution with excellence, respect, 

honesty, responsibility, caring, and joy.


School Psychologist/Counselor

– full-time position – 


Belmont Day School seeks a full-time school psychologist to work with children Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade through assessment, support and counseling.  


Our new psychologist/counselor will:

  • Work with faculty to identify, assess, and structure support for students
  • Advise teachers in trends, research, and current best practices to create and sustain inclusive, happy and effective learning communities
  • Administer and interpret a variety of useful assessments and tests
  • Support individual parents and provide proactive strategies 
  • Facilitate single gender friendship groups of six children in grades three and six 
  • Be an integral member of the school’s health and wellness team
  • Teach weekly seventh grade or eighth grade Choices curriculum
  • Create and maintain records to ensure continuity of care and services
  • Participate in core evaluations
  • Meet regularly with grade level teams to support the work of the faculty
  • Create a morning coffee parent education program
  • Collaborate with teachers in the care of children in and beyond the classroom, including helping the school consider advisory and individual student support
  • Advise and support the admissions team in getting to know and to assess potential students 
  • Support the administrative team in communicating sensitive issues


Clinical Responsibilities

  • Individual and Group Counseling (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3) (Anxiety/Stress Reduction, Emotional Management, Social Skills Building)
  • Administer Assessments (Cognitive, Emotional, EF/Attention, Academic)
  • Develop and Support Implementation of Academic Interventions
  • 3rd and 6th Grade Lunch Bunch Meetings
  • Conduct Functional Behavioral Assessments
  • Develop and Support Implementation of Positive Behavior Plans
  • Assess Student Safety and Draft Safety Contracts, as needed


Teaching Responsibilities

  • Health and Wellness (middle school)
  • Honoring Differences Seminar
  • Guest Lecturer in Associate Teaching Program


Consultation Responsibilities

  • Attend Weekly Learning Support Meetings
  • Attend Weekly Grade Level Team Meetings
  • Attend Biweekly meeting with Social Emotional Learning Team


Community Responsibilities

  • Parent Forums (SEL and Psycho Educational–Early/Late Fall and Early/Late Spring)
  • Faculty Trainings (Opening Meetings, Faculty Meetings, Professional Development Days)
  • Establish SEL Team—Psychologist, Director of EIB, Assistant Director of EIB and School Nurse


Required skills

  • Experience in school environment
  • Training in psychology, counseling, guidance or other forms of school support
  • Excellent communication skills
  • High level of organization
  • Flexibility, humor and commitment to being a part of a vigorous and thoughtful learning community


To apply:

Please send a cover letter and resume to


Belmont Day School is a Pre-Kindergarten to eighth grade 325-student independent school founded in 1927 by a group of parents committed to providing children with an excellent academic foundation and many opportunities for creative expression. 


Belmont Day School

Belmont, MA
Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School
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