Head of School

Administrator / Full-Time

Quest Montessori School, Narragansett, RI

Quest Montessori School is seeking a qualified candidate for its Head of School (HOS) position beginning in the summer of 2025.

Located on a picturesque, wooded property, adjacent to the Domenic Christofaro Memorial Park, Quest Montessori has access to the park, outdoor classroom environments, playgrounds, and wooded trails that enrich the learning experience. The campus features 6 beautiful, naturally lit classrooms including Toddler, two Primary, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Middle School classrooms.  A versatile barn-like multi-purpose room provides enrichment opportunities for both the students and parents within the school community.  The Middle School program provides an academically rigorous curriculum in preparation for high school complemented by a microbusiness component focusing on product design and manufacturing. The arts are integral to the school culture, led by a dedicated full-time faculty member, specializing in interdisciplinary sound and visual art.

Quest remains the only Montessori school in Rhode Island to provide a continuous education for children from Toddler through Middle School and is the only accredited American Montessori Society school in the state of Rhode Island. It is also accredited by the Association of Independent Schools of New England.

Head of School Profile

Quest Montessori welcomes the next Head of School (HOS) who will lead its well-established, successful, and accredited Montessori school with an aspirational vision for the future. They must be skilled at cultivating relationships to establish themselves as a trusted leader and influential voice in the school and Narragansett community. A commitment to continuation of the school’s values is paramount, built on the dedication and investment of the school board, faculty, parents, and community.

The ideal candidate is an experienced Montessori school leader who is proficient in both educational and operational aspects of school management. The ability to provide oversight of authentic Montessori education with supportive school operations is essential. The art of delegation with an experienced administrative staff and veteran Montessori teacher leaders will be an asset for this new school leader.

Quest’s new HOS must be a strategic visionary who can partner with a professional, invested, and supportive Board. The HOS will effectively develop engagement with the school community to join in that vision. Fresh ideas and an eye to the future of the school are welcomed.

Personality traits that will serve the new Quest HOS will include confidence, receptive to new ideas, compassion, supportive, passionate, nurturing, enthusiastic, creative, skilled at developing trust, effective communicator, respectful, committed to being a partner and guide, in other words a true leader.

For a complete job description, see https://www.metroconsultingservices.com/open-searches

Quest Montessori School

Narragansett, RI
Infant / Toddler, Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School
All Gender