CulinArt Group

Regina Brooks
Associate Director of Business Development

Independent School Dining Services Reimagined by CulinArt Group

CulinArt Group takes a fresh-eyes approach to food, service, and presentation. We are a company of creative and inspired chefs with a “food first” mantra that mandates scratch cooking. We create mindful, balanced menus that students enjoy, and we engage and educate students each and every day.

CulinArt Group is a boutique dining services provider with a strong regional focus in New England and the Northeast. We pride ourselves on being a hospitality-driven company, led by our fervent culinary values and client-focused approach to our business. We are driven by our commitments to health and wellness, environmental responsibility, marketing and technology innovations, quality assurance, food safety and financial transparency. With innovation at the heart of everything we do, CulinArt Group offers our clients and partners a suite of solutions with uniquely tailored programs that align to their goals and objectives while delivering great food and service that exceeds student, faculty and staff expectations.