The Achieve Program at Noble and Greenough School- Teaching Assistant

Staff / Full-Time

Noble and Greenough School, Dedham, MA

Achieve students are motivated, high-achieving young people who grow into extraordinary individuals. Our middle school
scholars attend Boston’s district and charter public schools, come from low-income families, and represent diverse ethnicities,
religions, and family backgrounds. Achieve seeks to increase our students’ academic skills and sense of self, putting them on
the path to college.

Teaching Assistants are critical members of the Achieve team, and they are essential to our students’ academic and personal
success. Candidates must be strongly interested in working with urban students in a fun, challenging, and enriching
educational environment.

Qualifi cations:
● Current college student, recent college graduate, graduate student, or new teacher
● Interest in pursuing K12 teaching as a career
● Experience and interest in working with middle school students (grades 6 through 8)
● Demonstrated commitment to social and racial justice
● Strong ability to collaborate and communicate effectively
● Excellent organizational skills
● High energy and a sense of humor!

● Provide a consistent adult presence in all spaces throughout the day
● Actively support a Lead Teacher in English, math, or science with teaching and classroom management
● Lead-teach at least one lesson during the summer with support from your lead teacher
● Co-lead an advisory group
● Contribute to a nurturing environment with consistent communication among community members
● Lead enrichment activities, book clubs, or math clubs and provide academic intervention
● Attend all staff meetings and community-wide morning and afternoon meetings
● Lead a group of students on field trips and other programming on Fridays
● Carry out other duties as assigned by the directors

2022 Summer Dates:
● Teaching Assistant is a Monday-Friday position, from 8 am – 3:30 pm
● Staff Orientation: week of June 24th (Exact dates TBD)
● Summer Program: July 1st– August 8th

Salary: $3,500

To apply for a Teaching Assistant position at Achieve, please email the following materials to
● Required short answer/essay questions (see the next page)
● Current résumé including relevant
● Undergraduate or graduate students provide an official school transcript
● Two letters of recommendation (excluding friends or family members)


Teaching Assistant Required Questions

1. Have you ever attended a program like Achieve? If yes, describe the program and your experience.
2. Have you ever worked at a program like Achieve? If yes, describe your role and experience.
3. How would you describe yourself in the classroom setting? If you do not have classroom experience,
describe how you build relationships with young people.
4. Tell us about a problem you cannot solve.
5. Why are you interested in working for an educational access program like Achieve?
6. Why do you think it’s important to learn about race/racism and class/classism and its impact on modern

Noble and Greenough School

Dedham, MA
Middle School, High School
Day, Boarding
All Gender