STEM Teacher

Faculty / Full-Time

Miss Hall’s School, Pittsfield, MA

STEM Teacher

Applications Accepted Starting 02/28/2024

Application Review Starting 3/25/2024

Job Summary:

The Math Department and the Department of Engineering & Technology Innovation are in need of a flexible STEM teacher who can teach all levels of math (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Precalculus, Calculus, & Statistics) as well as engineering courses. The teacher will excel in delivering the current curriculum and bring their expertise to developing new courses. The teacher must have expertise in math, engineering, computer programming, or robotics, while holding a solid understanding of the other areas. Experience planning and teaching computer science, technology, coding, robotic design, or engineering design related courses is also a plus. We desire a collaborative, inspiring, and innovative teacher who advocates for the students and mission of MHS. Miss Hall’s School is committed to diversifying its faculty and encourages applicants who are committed to bringing a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens to their work.

Miss Hall’s School inspires and encourages each girl to pursue the highest standards of learning and character; to contribute boldly and creatively to the common good; and to seek a purposeful life based on honor, respect, growth, and personal authenticity.

At Miss Hall’s School, we champion social justice; insist that all community members demonstrate respect for each other through words and actions; and affirm that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to learning and problem solving, discovery and personal growth, and cultivating empathy and cultural competency. Guided by these beliefs, and with the understanding that being an inclusive community requires ongoing work and commitment, we foster cross cultural dialogue and allyship to honor and celebrate our diverse community


  • At least two years of teaching experience at the high school or college level
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Math, Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, or Robotics related discipline or a STEM related field; graduate degree preferred
  • Willingness to participate in interdisciplinary and innovative curricular design and partnership
  • Willingness to participate in interdisciplinary and innovative curricular design and partnership
  • Demonstrated interest in and commitment to working with students of varied academic levels and interests.
  • Demonstrated ability to integrate classroom technologies to enhance teaching, learning, and preparation for the future
  • Demonstrated commitment to equity and inclusion and to serving a diverse, global community
  • Commitment to the MHS Mission and Core Values

Salary benchmarked with NAIS medians and commensurate with experience

Miss Hall’s School

Pittsfield, MA
High School
Day, Boarding