School Counselor/Chief Wellness Officer

Staff / Full-Time

Crossroads Academy, Lyme, NH

School Counselor/Chief Wellness Officer 

2024 – 2025 

100% FTE 

Exempt under FLSA 

Crossroads Academy, an independent K – 8 day school located in scenic Lyme, New Hampshire, is seeking a Counselor/Chief Wellness Officer. The successful candidate must have the capacity to build relationships with students, families, and school employees. Counselor/Chief Wellness Officer. is responsible for developing and implementing supports/programs that are designed to promote overall student wellness and a healthy, safe, and caring school community. 

The Counselor/Chief Wellness Officer leads the efforts to support Community Mental Health by providing:

 – Essential emotional and social support to students navigating various challenges.

 – Early Intervention: Identifies and addresses issues early to help prevent them from escalating into more 

significant problems. With the partnership of faculty, the Counselor/Chief Wellness Officer helps detect academic, behavioral, and emotional concerns early and provides timely interventions. 

– Social and Emotional Learning (SEL): The Counselor/Chief Wellness Officer implements SEL programs, teaching skills like empathy, self-awareness, balance, centering, and conflict resolution for healthy social interactions and emotional regulation. 

– Crisis Management: The Counselor/Chief Wellness Officer provides immediate support to students, staff, and families during challenging times, such as bullying incidents, family emergencies, or community tragedies, promoting resilience and recovery. 

– Parental Support: The Counselor/Chief Wellness Officer offers guidance and resources to parents, helping them understand and address their child’s academic, social, and emotional needs. The Counselor/Chief Wellness Officer fosters collaboration between home and school to enhance the child’s overall development. 

– Community Collaboration: The Counselor/Chief Wellness Officer acts as a liaison with external agencies and community resources to provide additional support to students and families, such as mental health services, mentoring programs, or after-school activities. 

– Builds Awareness: The Counselor/Chief Wellness Officer is aware of trends in K-8 mental health and communicates thoughtfully and proactively with administration, teachers, and parents and leads workshops, meetings, and trainings. 

– Advocacy: The Counselor/Chief Wellness Officer advocates for the needs of students helping them to thrive academically and emotionally. 

Physical Requirements: 

– Ability to extend hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction; pick, pinch, type, or otherwise work primarily with fingers 

– Ability to lift, carry, push, pull, or otherwise move objects, occasionally up and/or downstairs—functions involve sitting, standing, bending, lifting, walking up to half mile per day, stooping, and climbing stairs 

– Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds at times 

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

– Maintain appropriate confidentiality 

– Maintain accurate records 

– Develop and maintain professional relationships 

– Develop and maintain proficiency in computer skills, including PowerSchool, Google, and Word documents 

– Effectively communicate orally and in writing 

– Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others – Maintain healthy and appropriate boundaries with students and all school community members

– Must be able to pass a state and federal background check 

Reports to the Head of School 

Crossroads Academy

Lyme, NH
Elementary, Middle School
All Gender