Grade 6 Social Studies (Leave Coverage: August – December 2024)

Faculty / Full-Time

Milton Academy, Milton, MA

Summary of Position:

The Grade 6 Social Studies (Leave Coverage: August – December 2024) teacher fosters a dynamic and inclusive learning environment focused on innovative teaching practices and student engagement. The individual is also expected to actively support students, create a positive classroom environment, and adjust teaching methods to support diverse learning styles as needed. This position primarily involves providing students with the following skills and habits of mind: the ability to evaluate evidence, make persuasive, evidence-based arguments in written and verbal contexts, and problem-solve collaboratively and creatively.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:


  • Teach four sections of Grade 6 social studies.
  • Design, plan, and implement student-centered lessons which demonstrate a deep understanding of the academic discipline, research-driven pedagogy, anti-bias and anti-oppression teaching practices, and alignment with departmental learning objectives
  • Collaborate with department members and Dean of Teaching and Learning
  • Collaborate with grade level team members across disciplines to design and deliver innovative cross-curricular learning opportunities for students
  • Informally and formally assess and provide feedback on student learning, behavior, and social-emotional development at regular intervals
  • Communicate clearly, effectively, and on a regular basis with students, families, and colleagues both formally and informally.
  • Incorporate feedback and reflection to further develop teaching and learning and curriculum development into daily practice.

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Milton Academy

Milton, MA
Elementary, Middle School, High School
Day, Boarding
All Gender