Director of College Counseling

Staff / Full-Time

Dana Hall School, Wellesley, MA

Dana Hall School seeks candidates for the position of Director of College Counseling.

The individual in this position will be accountable for:

  • Managing a College Counseling Office composed of one full-time and one part-time Associate Director, as well as an administrative assistant
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with college admission officers on behalf of

the School and the students

  • Counseling approximately 40 students in each junior and each senior class beginning

mid-year junior year to guide them through the research, self- assessment, and

application process

  • Overseeing the updating and publishing of the annual School Profile, overseeing institutional oversight of submitting school materials in support of students,
  • Overseeing standardized tests offered by the School (PSAT, SAT AP, ACT) and supervising the Testing Coordinator; serving as liaison between Dana Hall and the College Board
  • Providing oversight of the Scoir database and providing training for students and faculty in its use
  • Providing regular and effective communication with families and students before, during and following the college process
  • Writing the official School recommendation for each student and meeting, as often as

needed, with individual students and their parents

  • Presenting workshops and meetings for parents, students in grades 9-12, and faculty
  • Visiting college and university campuses regularly and fostering relationships on

behalf of the School

  • Participating in professional organizations regionally and nationally
  • Taking advantage of varied professional development opportunities
  • Participating in the life of the School and serving on various faculty/administrative committees including the Department Heads Committee and Student Support Team

Dana Hall offers a comprehensive college counseling program that supports students throughout their Upper School experience. One of the cornerstones of the School’s college counseling program is the student-centered approach. The Director of College Counseling, in collaboration with the college counseling team and colleagues across the School, fosters a student-centered college selection process that prepares students to move to higher education with confidence and competence.

Candidates must have: a bachelor’s degree, advanced degree preferred; experience in

selective college admissions and in a college counseling/guidance counseling office;

a thorough understanding of the application process at public and private colleges and

universities, as well as current trends in admission and financial aid. Experience working with a diverse range of students (racial, ethnic, national origin, socioeconomic

status, neurodiversity) is essential.

Candidates must enjoy working with adolescents and possess a strong work ethic,

superior communication skills, a commitment to collegiality, and a healthy sense of

humor. Strong preference will be given to candidates with significant admissions

experience at the post-secondary level. A demonstrated talent for and interest in

working with bright, motivated students is essential, as is the ability to communicate

proactively with parents and to address questions and concerns as they arise.

This is a twelve-month, full-time position reporting to the Director of Upper School.

Dana Hall seeks candidates who have demonstrated experience and commitment to community building, nurturing a culture of belonging, equitable and inclusive practices, and collaborative solutions to complex challenges.

Dana Hall School

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