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April 2, 2024, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm EST

Stand Out in a Competitive Independent School Market: Evidence-Based Tools and Strategies


As we navigate beyond the challenges posed by COVID-19, it is crucial for your school to focus on what sets it apart and attracts parents, students, and staff. Independent schools operate in a crowded and competitive market, making it essential that you consider the steps necessary to ensure your school stands out.

Join us for this session, in partnership with Dr. Stephen Holmes, to explore the tools and strategies that your school can use to amplify its message. Learn about how your school can differentiate itself from others in the current independent school market. Dr. Holmes will lead us through key areas of focus that will aid your school in effectively communicating its message to a wide audience. We will focus on these key areas that can help make your school stand out:

  • Defining a clear vision, mission, values, and graduate qualities that create a compelling identity for your school.
  • Cultivating a positive reputation that distinguishes your school from others, creating a reputation “capital” that enhances your appeal.
  • Identifying uncontested space, then developing flagship programs or specializations that will be unique to your school.
  • Highlighting attributes highly valued by your community and key evaluators, showcasing what makes your school stand out.
  • Achieving differentiation and emphasizing both intrinsic and extrinsic factors that differentiate your school meaningfully from others in the same category.

Come away able to articulate a compelling vision for your school and communicate it effectively through various channels. This workshop provides an opportunity for all members of your school community to collaborate and align around a shared sense of purpose and direction. Stephen will share case studies from a variety of independent school models, and together we will explore:

  • Proactive strategies for addressing the challenges of differentiation in a competitive independent school market.
  • Tools and strategies for fostering teamwork and collaboration in achieving these goals.
  • The role of authentic identity and marketing in this process and how they fit and flow together to voice your school’s unique value proposition.

This workshop is designed for all members of your school community who are involved in growing, developing, and maintaining your school’s reputation. We encourage Heads of School, Admissions and Enrollment Directors, Advancement Directors, and Marketing & Communications Directors to attend this workshop, which is free-of-charge for AISNE member schools.