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February 1, 2022, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm EST
February 15, 2022, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm EST
March 1, 2022, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm EST

Cultivate Happier Schools


Pictured: Kathleen Young

To help gain the most impact from your investment in this program, AISNE encourages each participating school to send a team of community members.

Facilitated by 

  • Kathleen Young, Young Mediation Associates, The Cultivating Happier Schools Project


About This Cohort

The last two years have brought much change and challenge. We find ourselves seeking ways to care for ourselves in order to build and maintain the capacity to care for others. For each of us to thrive, we each need to understand the why and how of happiness, understand how and what to prioritize, and learn ways to maintain and carry forward the momentum. This cohort offers people the opportunity to acquire these skills as individuals with the shared purpose of helping an entire school community attain higher levels of happiness.

Cohort Agenda: At a Glance

February 1: The Why and How of Happiness in Schools

  • Science Behind Happiness
  • How Happiness Contributes to Overall Success 
  • Reflection and Sharing
  • Avoiding “Toxic Positivity”
  • Creating Happier Spaces
  • Connection
  • Reflection and Sharing
  • Homework

February 15: Prioritizing Purpose 

  • The Role of Purpose in Finding Happiness
  • Finding Your Own North Star – activity
  • Reflection/Sharing
  • “Job Crafting” – proactively taking steps to improve your happiness at work.
  • Self Assessment: 3 types of job crafting 
  • Does your purpose involve happiness?
  • Resources
  • Homework

March 1: Keeping Up the Momentum: School-Wide Commitment to Happiness (Create Your Plan) 

  • Commitment to Self – tips for individual happiness
  • Reflection/Sharing
  • Commitment within Teams and Administration
  • Sample Policies
  • Mission Statement and Systemic Changes – Draft a Plan!
  • Reflection/Sharing
  • Communication to Students and Parents
  • Building in the Time
  • Resources

Cohort Takeaways

  • To learn how happiness contributes to overall success in schools
  • To consider reconnecting with purpose to achieve greater happiness
  • To form meaningful plans for greater happiness within your community

Cohort Materials

Cohort participants will receive presentation slides, sample policies, and signage, as well as the ability to consult directly with our facilitator, Kathleen Young

About Our Facilitator

Kathleen Young, M.Ed.

A lifelong educator and happiness coach, Kathleen founded The Cultivating Happier Schools Project.  She champions positive dialogue and happiness in schools. She believes that schools must be happy places, nurtured through the prioritization of individual purpose and intentionally strong connections.

Kathleen also recognizes that school communities face overwhelming levels of stress. Daily curveballs, from financial pressures to relationship differences to inspiring, yet sometimes conflicting, passions can knock institutions’ equilibriums off course. This doesn’t need to happen.

Kathleen’s expertise in mediation, coaching, and the facilitation of constructive dialogue helps schools return to their happiest, greatest selves.

Registration Details

Virtual Format Rates

AISNE Cohorts are exclusively for community members of AISNE member schools.

  • $199 per person
  • $179 per person for 3-4 participants*
  • $149 per person for 5+ participants*

*To utilize our Group Savings Rates, please designate one person from your school to register all participants at the same time.

If you have a question about placing a group registration, please contact us at

AISNE Cohorts include takeaway content, tools, and resources. Notes and prompts are provided to support asynchronous and follow-up participant engagement. These resources are summarized and provided on a password-accessible web page.