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April 12, 2023, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

An Employee Handbook Refresher Course for Independent Schools

As independent schools head towards the close of the academic year and prepare for, hopefully, a more normal summer, now is a great time to dust off your employee handbook for a fresh review. Whereas the past few summers were focused on COVID-related policies, there are many other policy areas, or your handbook as a whole, that may be ripe for an update.
Join McLane Middleton’s Linda Johnson, Brian Garrett, and other members from the Employment and Education Practice Groups, as they walk through essential updates for employee handbooks. This webinar will cover the foundational policies for an employee handbook, such as policies relating to non-discrimination, accommodations, and professional boundaries, as well as new or emerging issues, such as policies regarding conflicts of interest, romantic relationships in the workplace, and other policy updates arising from the pandemic. We will provide attendees with a sample table of contents to help schools ensure that they are covering all the policies that generally apply to independent schools.