Thank you for your interest in nominating a colleague to serve as an AISNE Accreditation Visiting Team Member.

This form is to be completed by heads of AISNE-member schools, or their assistant.

Serving on a visiting team is one of the most rewarding (and immersive) professional development opportunities available! AISNE seeks visiting team members who are strong writers, and organized, efficient professionals who collaborate well with others. Nominees should have enough experience within their area of expertise that they have seen and can appreciate different approaches and perspectives. Team members are asked to leave their own school behind and evaluate a new school in light of its own mission and the AISNE accreditation standards. It takes professional maturity and open-mindedness to do this.

If you have questions about the roles and responsibilities of visiting team service or questions about this nomination process, please contact Accreditation Director, Beth Friedman.

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