Upper School Science

Faculty / Full-Time

The Derryfield School, Manchester, NH

The candidate must be interested in teaching High School Anatomy and Physiology and have the ability to teach other high school science offerings as well. They should possess positive interpersonal skills, enjoy working with highschool students, and have the energy and interest to contribute to the school community in a variety of areas. Responsibilities of the position include a combination of classroom teaching, student advising, and leading or serving as an assistant of extracurriculars such as clubs and/or academic or athletic teams.

Qualified candidates should have:

  • a degree in Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, or a related field
  • experience teaching Anatomy and Physiology, and a range of other science topics at the high school level
  • interest in working with colleagues to develop curriculum and program
  • experience/interest working with students beyond the classroom (coaching, clubs, trips)
  • a growth mindset that allows them to take on new challenges
  • a proven commitment to equity and the belonging of all community members.

The Derryfield School

Manchester, NH
Elementary, Middle School, High School
All Gender