Upper School Math Instructor

Faculty / Full-Time

South Shore Christian Academy, Weymouth, MA

Upper School Math Teacher Job Summary

The Upper School Math Teacher helps students to develop increasingly sophisticated and
transferable math skills, an agile understanding of math concepts, and a usable appreciation for
the ways that math helps people to model and solve real problems. In this Christian school
context, the Upper School Math Teacher supports the school’s mission of not only “imparting
knowledge” but also “stimulating spiritual growth and developing Christian character in young
men and women through a college-preparatory curriculum taught by Christian teachers,” by
systematically inviting students to consider how the study of mathematics helps us to recognize
the order and beauty of God’s creation, and to discover how their growing problem-solving
capabilities can be leveraged to advance God’s restorative purposes in many fields of human
research and endeavor.

Though the specific course assignment will depend upon scheduling needs, the assignment will
likely include teaching classes in pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and calculus. This is a
full-time, salaried teaching position with generous health benefits and standard school

Reports to: Head of School

Job Summary: To plan, organize and implement an appropriate instructional program
in an elementary or secondary learning environment that guides and encourages
students to develop and fulfill their academic potential. Position is typically: Full-time
40-hours/week, Exempt-Salaried, Eligible for Benefits. The duties and responsibilities of
this position are to be conducted on campus or remotely as needed and/or required,
under the direction of the Head of School.

Job Requirements

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
● To support the Board of Trustee’s mission statements, statement of faith,
teaching positions, and philosophy of the school, and to embody the religious
positions of the school in all actions
● Ensure and maintain congruency between student-related and the classroom
activities of the school and its missions statements and philosophy.
● Implement the Head of School’s (HOS) directives regarding the educational
position and approach of the school.
● Observe professional ethics and confidentiality in dealing with administrators,
faculty, parents, students and community.
● Fulfill the normal work expectations of a teacher which include, but are not limited
to: effective teaching and supervision of students, grade or courses assigned;
preparing/submitting lesson plans; varied assessments of students; being
available to students and conferencing with students and parents; supervising
student activities as requested by Administration.
● Be responsible for the academic growth of his/her students.
● Develop schemes of work, lesson plans and tests that are in accordance with
established procedures.
● Establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities.
● Instruct and monitor students in the use of learning materials and equipment.
● Use relevant and approved technology to support and differentiate instruction.
● Structure learning situations which produces positive effects on student
● Create and deliver engaging lessons, with special emphasis on collaborative
learning and “hands-on” experiences.
● Construct learning experiences designed to “stimulate spiritual growth and
develop Christian character” in students, in keeping with the SSCA mission
● Integrate Biblical ideas and principles into lessons and classroom experiences
● Pray with and for students; mentor and disciple students in the Christian faith,
formally and informally
● Work collaboratively to create and implement a program of study that is
intellectually challenging.
● Use curriculum guides, textbooks, technology and materials prescribed by the
school. Follow prescribed curriculum, supplementing as necessary.
● Follow approved pedagogical methods by the school. Use approved
pedagogical methods as instructed.
● Provide appropriate feedback on student work.
● Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students’ varying
needs and interests.
● Design and implement lessons that integrate multidisciplinary content.
● Communicate regularly with Lead Teacher, Principal, HOS regarding any
concerns with students, faculty, staff, or other members of the SSCA community.
● Maintain good attendance, regularly requesting and reporting any absenteeism
(regardless of length) to immediate supervisor.
● Submit grades and reports, in a timely manner, as required for administrative
purposes, parent notification and for student attendance.
● Prepare required reports on students and activities.
● Keep all student records and lessons plans current, including posting of
assignments and grades in a timely manner as instructed by supervisor.
● Be responsible for the organization, order, discipline and supervision of the
students in his/her class and be jointly responsible, with other staff members, for
such supervision at school functions to which teachers are assigned.
● Maintain a classroom environment with high academic and behavioral
expectations by leveraging positive interventions and student relationships.
● Consistently promote the importance of multiculturalism.
● Follow all expectations regarding the HOS’s understanding professionalism,
including dress code, social media practices, communication protocols, and
● Maintain frequent contact with SSCA parents / guardians.
● Cooperate with and participate fully in the school’s religious activities.
● Implement SSCA policies and procedures.
● Publicly support SSCA policies and procedures.
● Maintain continual affirmation of SSCA faith statements and teaching positions.

Other Duties:
● Fulfill assigned extracurricular duties during and outside of school hours. This
may include yard supervision, moderator of special activities or student
● Support the Admissions and Development functions as instructed, including but
not limited to: attendance at admissions events, hosting of “shadow students,”
evaluation of prospective students, and active promotion of the school.
● Complete any professional development expectations required by HOS or Lead
● Encourage parent and community involvement.
● Obtain information for parents / guardians when requested and as appropriate,
including promptly returning phone calls and answering emails.
● Proctor examinations, study halls, homerooms, lunch periods, recess, student
arrival / departure and other student events as needed or requested.
● Attend and oversee student field-trips, including overnight trips.
● Advise and mentor students as directed (including formal and informal advising).
● Advise student Capstone projects (if instructed).
● Assist and attend major school events.
● Attend and participate in all faculty meetings and training.
● Read and be familiar with all policies and procedures.
● Perform and such other duties as may be assigned from time to time by HOS or

Minimum Requirements
● Must affirm Statement of Faith and Teaching Positions.
● SSCA conducts background checks and employment authorizations.
● Regularly required to sit, stand, talk, hear, see (close and distant vision required).
● Must be able to lift a minimum of 30 lbs.
● Required to move about campus regularly.
● Must demonstrate competency with basic word processing, data processing,
learning management system, and internet functions, as well as all applications
used in the regular functioning of the school.
● Some evenings and weekends are required.
● Must be able to perform all job functions, or modified functions, remotely if
required or deemed necessary by the Head of School.
● Minimal travel requirements.

South Shore Christian Academy

Weymouth, MA
Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, High School
All Gender