Upper School Learning Specialist (Grades 5-9)

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The Pike School, Andover, MA

Upper School Learning Specialist (Grades 5-9)


The Pike School


Our community, including our teachers, are at the heart of Pike. We ground our work in building connection, inspiring curiosity, and cultivating the learning and growth of each of our students. Our motto, Non Sibi Solum, Not for Oneself Alone, has called each of us to adjust our individual lives for our collective well being. Guided by new policies, our shared sacrifices have helped our community stay healthy and our campus open five days a week, every week thus far. Yet, even in the midst of worldwide disruption, we continue to stretch ourselves to envision a brighter future. As a new school year, a new strategic plan, and a healthier world await us, we believe we are on the cusp of this brighter future, a world more worthy of our children. If you are also looking ahead – inquisitive, hopeful, and eager– would you like to help create the future with us?


Working at Pike means immersing yourself in a student-centered culture and compassionate, diverse community. We endeavor to foster a holistic, developmentally considerate, and transformative learning environment. In partnership with the Department Head, Division Head, and Director of Equity and Justice, our teachers strive to build upon and strengthen a culture of inclusion and belonging where students of all identities thrive and faculty and staff possess the competencies to support our diverse student body. Opportunities for strategic thinking, innovation and learning are plentiful. If you’re passionate, motivated, and can’t help but dream about what’s possible for all children – we invite you to take a closer look at Pike. The Pike School, an independent elementary school in Andover, MA, serves approximately 450 students in grades pre-kindergarten through nine.  Learn more about our commitment to possibility.

The Opportunity: Upper School Learning Specialist (Grades 5-9)

The Pike School is seeking an Upper School Learning Specialist for Grades 5-9, beginning in the 2022-2023 school year.  The Student Support Department consists of learning specialists, academic coaches, and counselors from PreK to 9 who collaboratively design and deliver support for the best possible experience for their students.  This learning specialist will also be responsible for an advisory group and should be prepared to teach students at various grade levels in the Upper School. Collaboration and effective communication are essential skills for this position, as are a sense of humor and joy for working with students in this age group and for all of the subject matter included in the Upper School curriculum across English, history, science and math. A successful candidate will bring strong culturally responsive teaching practices, an affirming view of neurodiversity, a demonstrated commitment to lifelong learning, and a collaborative approach to teamwork and planning. Pike seeks candidates with a dedication to working in a diverse community.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Designing, planning, and delivering scaffolded, direct instruction for students of various profiles in multiple grade levels in the Upper School in small groups and 1:1 settings
  • Co-planning and consultation with classroom teachers, counselors, specialists and administrators to meet the needs of shared students
  • Participating in grade level team meetings
  • Providing push-in classroom support for students in grades 5-9
  • Applying appropriate accommodations and modifications from diagnostic reports, IEPs, or 504 Plans for neurodivergent/disabled students or students in need of intervention
  • Assessing, documenting, and communicating effectively about student growth and development
  • Writing individualized narrative reports three times per year to document student progress
  • Working with advisors to meet with families for twice-yearly conferences about academic progress and social- emotional development, and on an as-needed basis throughout the year
  • Working as a collaborative team member of the Student Support Department
  • Serving as a case manager for a given number of students, including their plans, documentation, and parent/caregiver communication, alongside advisors
  • Providing benchmarking, screening and assessment as needed
  • Providing strategy-based content support to students working on specific academic or executive functioning goals, in small groups and in 1:1 settings in grades 5-9 (with a focus on 2 grade levels)
  • Providing individualized writing and math support to Pike students in grades 5 – 9 (with a focus on 2 grade levels)


Desired Qualities and Qualifications:

  • A passion for working with students in this age group (grades 5 – 9) and a record of outstanding direct small group and 1:1 instruction, as well as thoughtful innovation moderated by a skillful and sensitive approach to change
  • Desire to work in a dynamic independent school as a team player, eagerly assuming necessary roles, and devoting the time required to model excellence in job performance
  • A growth mindset and the ability to develop positive working relationships with all constituencies, including students, parents/caregivers, faculty, and administration
  • Commitment to professional growth, a collaborative approach for planning, instructing and supporting students, research/evidence-based practice, and Pike’s values of equity and justice
  • High emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication skills
  • Willingness and ability to support other teachers in delivering differentiated instruction, including meeting the needs of neurodivergent/disabled students
  • Intellectual curiosity and a commitment to professional development in the fields of special education, academic intervention, and teaching and learning
  • Experience with and commitment to implementation of appropriate assistive technology for qualifying students
  • Masters degree in special education, teaching licensure in moderate special education, and a minimum of 3 years experience are preferred
  • Familiarity with math including Algebra I and II and Geometry, specifically familiarity with or willingness to train in Math in Focus
  • Familiarity with or willingness to train in the EmPOWER/BrainFrames writing program
  • Training in structured reading/ decoding intervention a plus


The Pike School

Andover, MA
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