Upper School English Teacher

Faculty / Full-Time

The Rivers School, Weston, MA

The Rivers School—a 6-12 coed independent day school in Weston, MA, just outside Boston—is seeking a full-time upper school English teacher for the 2022-2023 school year. The position includes teaching four classes, advising, and contributing to the school’s co-curricular program as a coach or club advisor.

The ideal candidate will have at least two years of experience teaching English, preferably at the high school level. Candidates must possess a commitment to professional development and personal growth as a teacher of literature, language, and writing, as well as the ability and desire to collaborate effectively with colleagues on advancing curriculum and pedagogy in the department. A team-first attitude, a sincere care for student wellbeing, strong organizational skills, and a commitment to advancing the school’s DEI mission are also essential qualities for a successful Rivers teacher. A bachelor’s degree in English or a related subject is required; a master’s degree in English or education is preferred.

Rivers encourages interest from candidates who will enrich the diversity of identity, experience, and perspectives among our faculty body and school community. Rivers offers BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and white ally affinity spaces for faculty, as well as school-wide Professional Learning Networks to support DEI work. In addition to extensive mentoring from the Department Chair and Dean of Faculty, all first-year faculty members benefit from a close relationship with a peer mentor and take part in a yearlong onboarding program led by the Director of New Faculty Development.


Rivers challenges students to attain their highest levels of excellence in academics, arts, and athletics. We set high standards and expect students to participate actively in their learning. We cultivate a caring, respectful, and collaborative environment that encourages student performance, including demonstration of logical thought, informed and articulate voice, creative vision, and integrity. Rivers is dedicated to preparing its students for leadership in a world that needs their talents, imagination, intellect, and compassion.


Integritas: We value responsibility, honesty, compassion, diversity, and respect, acknowledging that our actions have a profound impact on ourselves, on others, on the environment, and on the community as a whole.

Sedulitas: We acknowledge that the diligent pursuit of intellectual, creative, physical, and moral excellence is essential to one’s strength of character.


The Rivers School believes that developing a sincere appreciation for and understanding of diverse perspectives, experiences, and identities is integral to achieving its broader mission of preparing students to lead and live in a world that “needs their talents, imagination, intellect, and compassion.” We embrace difference in its myriad forms, encourage every individual to be their authentic self, and value the inherent dignity of every member of our community. As we confront issues of injustice, prejudice, and bigotry, we challenge all members of our community to engage in courageous conversations that require us to speak across difference of experiences and opinions, examine our individual and collective privilege, ask hard questions, and seek solutions to complex global issues.


The Rivers English Department is dedicated to two fundamental beliefs: first, that reading helps students to understand themselves, others, and the world around them; and second, that writing enables them to express themselves and engage with others in that world. Through literature, students encounter perspectives, experiences, and voices that improve their ability to empathize and interact positively with other people in our diverse, globalized society. We work to instill in students both an appreciation for literature and the critical thinking and interpretive reading skills necessary to understand it. Students learn to communicate with clarity, creativity, and precision in both speech and writing through diligent practice and the study of the English language. We push students to hone their abilities to construct incisive, compelling, and well-supported arguments in analytical writing and to develop their own authentic voices in personal and creative pieces. Inspired by the texts and ideas with which they engage in their English classes, students will graduate with the skills necessary to contribute thoughtfully and meaningfully to the world beyond Rivers as compassionate human beings and socially conscious citizens.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume, and list of references to Mac Caplan, English Department Chair, at m.caplan@rivers.org.

The Rivers School

Weston, MA
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