St. Mark’s Summer: Activity Specialists

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St. Mark’s School, Southborough, MA

St. Mark’s Summer: Activity Specialists

Specialists are hired to oversee the planning, preparation, and execution of specialized activities during the day for participants in various St. Mark’s Summer programs. The specialists in each area have full responsibility for the physical space, equipment, materials requests, and curriculum planning. During each of the activity periods during the day, a group of children attends the specialized activity for ~45minutes. There is a 15-minute transition time between each period to reset or take a break. Each group is accompanied by a counselor who is able to assist with supervision or execution of the activity. Activity Specialists are expected to have previous experience or formal knowledge/certification in their specialized activity.

We are seeking specialists in the following areas:

Adventure Challenge – high and low element course, teambuilding, and leadership skills


Visual Arts 

Sports & Games 





Performing Arts



Interested candidates should complete the Staff Application for the role(s) they are interested in, including reference contact information and questions related to specific position(s) you are interested in. We will contact qualified candidates to arrange an interview if we believe there is a potential match with our needs.

We will continue hiring through the winter and spring as positions remain available. Hiring is done in conjunction with enrollment January through May.

Staff Training for all employees will be a combination of nominal asynchronous training prior to June and in-person training to be held during the week of June 12. Hired faculty will be informed of these dates and attendance obligations at the time of their job offer. Compensation will be provided based on completion and attendance. 

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