SIS Platform and Software Integrations Coordinator

Staff / Full-Time

Concord Academy, Concord, MA

The SIS Platform and Software Integrations Coordinator is a full-time member of the staff reporting to the Director of Administrative Systems and is primarily responsible for managing PowerSchool, Schoology, and integrations between these systems and other, third-party systems and databases used by the school. The SISPSIC partners with members of the school’s in-house IT department, the school’s Managed IT Services Provider, OunceIT, and other members of the school’s IT Task Force to identify, plan, and execute projects related to the school’s database systems and training in their use.

This professional is a vital member of the IT Services team which includes the Director of Administrative Systems, OunceIT (a managed service provider who manages the school’s helpdesk and infrastructure and advises the school on technology planning), the IT Task Force, the Chamberlain Leadership Council, and academic leaders. This professional supports and collaborates with all departments, including the business office, admissions, communications, advancement, and academics, and is responsible for supporting and training faculty and staff in their utilization of existing systems, supporting the school’s technology initiatives, and serves as project manager in the adoption, implementation, and management of new and existing systems. It is expected that this position will support Concord Academy’s (CA’s) mission and comply with the engagement standards.

Key responsibilities include PowerSchool, Schoology, [import/export of data from other school systems including Admissions and Enrollment data, student and student health data, constituent data needed by the Finance and Advancement departments, etc.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks

  1. Manages PowerSchool, Schoology, and additional third-party Databases and integrations and maintains data within these systems

  • Partners with the Director of Administrative Systems on integrations and data import and export

  1. Provides Training to Faculty, Staff, and Parents on key PowerSchool and Schoology features and functions

  • Partners with OunceIT’s EdTech team to provide training and support to faculty and students in Schoology and develops training materials.

  1. Self Development – PowerSchool, [ Veracross ], other systems, as needed

  • Continues to develop skill in existing systems and new systems that the school may adopt in the future

  • Maintains product feature awareness of PowerSchool, Blackbaud, Veracross, Magnus, School Messenger, NameCoach, Scoir, Orah, Hapara, and Schoology, and other platforms by attending meetings, participating in certification programs, and attending product update briefings and webinars

  • Researches new tools and systems to keep abreast of new technology and features in support of the school’s evolving needs

  1. Participate in the School’s technology planning process

  • In conjunction with IT Services and the IT Task Force, help frame a long-range vision of technology that enhances business and academic operations and student learning;

  • Under the direction of IT Services and the IT Task Force, this position will research, explore, and experiment with technologies to identify new opportunities for CA to more effectively conduct academic and business pursuits, as needed;

  • Actively and regularly engage with faculty, staff, and students;

  • Contribute and participate in all IT Task Force meetings.

  1. Participate as an active member of the IT Services team

  • Reports to the Director of Administrative Services;

  • Work collaboratively with OunceIT;

  • Act as a project manager, overseeing cyclical events like data refreshes, onboarding and offboarding of faculty, staff, and students, and overseeing the technological needs of school events;

  • Act as a good steward of CA’s resources and ensure responsible use of IT departmental budgets;

  • Assist with projects or tasks as needed to support the CA community;

  • Contribute and participate in all IT Task Force meetings;

  • Other duties as assigned.

Critical Competencies

  1. Project Management: This position will demonstrate the ability to lead IT projects from start to finish including communication, task assignment, working with outside vendors, assessing budgetary implications, training faculty and staff, meeting time deadlines, and apprising the IT Task Force and Senior Administration Team.

  1. Customer Service Orientation: Given the nature of the work, every interaction is a unique customer service experience. This position will have broad interaction across the community, providing support to faculty, staff, and students. In a boarding school environment, this may include some after hours support.

  1. Communication Skills: Strong written and verbal communication is required.

  1. Technical skills (to be assessed) including experience and comfort with:

  1. Student information systems, including PowerSchool;

  2. Common academic systems like Schoology and Hapara;

  3. Google Workspace and other Google products;

  4. Platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS;

  5. Other school systems in use by departments including admissions, business, communications, advancement, and academics systems;

  6. Cloud-based tools like OneLogin (or similar SSO systems), Evernote, and knowledge base/wiki tools in an academic setting;

  7. SQL, Excel, HTML, scripting

  8. Basic networking and wireless networking concepts


  • Bachelor’s Degree;

  • Minimum of three years of experience in K-12 education;

  • Minimum of three years of experience in a customer-focused technical support role;

  • Ability to traverse the CA campus including climbing stairs as well as sitting or standing for extended periods.

In addition to the qualifications listed above, this job requires the ability to productively engage every constituency at the school and to implement systems that touch all departments.

Interested candidates, are asked to send a cover letter, resume via ADP Portal addressed to: Amy Fredericks, CFO

Application materials for this position are preferred by 24, July, 2024.  If you are considering applying after this date please contact the school to inquire as to the status of this search.

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Students and teachers work together as a community of learners dedicated to intellectual rigor and creative endeavor. In a caring and challenging atmosphere, students discover and develop talents as scholars, artists and athletes and are encouraged to find their voices. The school is committed to embracing and broadening the diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and talents of its people. This diversity fosters respect for others and genuine exchange of ideas. Common trust challenges students to balance individual freedom with responsibility and service to a larger community. Such learning prepares students for lives as committed citizens.

                                   Faculty and Staff Engagement Standards

The faculty and staff of Concord Academy are committed to creating an environment in which children and adolescents grow and thrive with the support of trusted, caring adults. Cultivating safe and healthy relationships in support of the potential of every child is the core of our work.

Concord Academy faculty and staff engage with the utmost professionalism with all constituencies. The following standards exist in support of this principle. The faculty and staff of Concord Academy:

  • Understand and model the school’s mission;

  • Maintain professional boundaries with all school constituencies;

  • Communicate with honesty, transparency, and mutual respect;

  • Practice and support school rules and values.

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