School Counselor

Faculty / Full-Time

Thornton Academy, Saco, ME

Job Description: School Counselor
Accountability: The school counselor is directly responsible to the Director of School Counseling in

fulfilling all duties

Job Requirements — This position requires an individual who:

  • ●  Demonstrates an understanding of child (adolescent) development and behavior
  • ●  Is experienced with the needs of high school-aged students and their families
  • ●  Embraces diversity and differences in all individuals
  • ●  Is innovative, enthusiastic, energetic, and flexible
  • ●  Possesses excellent oral and written communication skills
  • ●  Demonstrates an ability to work in a variety of settings
  • ●  Possesses a strong work ethic
  • ●  Demonstrates a commitment to professional growth
  • ●  Possesses strong organizational and time management skills
  • ●  Communicates and works collaboratively with school counseling colleagues
  • ●  Understands and adheres to the intensely confidential nature that characterizes theposition and department as a whole

    Performance Responsibilities — Representative tasks include but are not limited to:

  • ●  Providing college, career, academic, and social-emotional counseling to individualstudents
  • ●  Providing assistance with standardized testing (PSAT, SAT, AP): others as appropriate)
  • ●  Consulting and communicating with appropriate school personnel regarding studentconcerns and participating in the school-wide Student Services Team
  • ●  Administering all aspects of college (post-secondary) search and application/admissionprocess
  • ●  Advising student course selection and scheduling; developing 4-year plans withstudents
  • ●  Providing responsive services with short-term counseling
  • ●  Providing crisis intervention
  • ●  Maintaining professionalism: adherence to laws and ethical standards of schoolcounseling as defined by the American School Counseling Association
  • ●  Assuming additional responsibilities as directed by the Director of School Counseling,Associate Head, or Headmaster

    Required Qualifications —

● MS Counseling with a concentration in school counseling or MEd in School Counseling

To apply, please submit the following:

  • ●  Letter of interest
  • ●  Current resume
  • ●  Completed application form (available for download here)
  • ●  Three letters of reference, including contact information for each individual
  • ●  Copies of all post-secondary transcripts

○ Unofficial/student-issued transcripts are acceptable for initial application; official transcripts may be requested later.

● Evidence of a current criminal history records check (CHRC) certificate, required by state law

All materials should be submitted electronically to

If electronic submission is not possible, papers may be mailed via USPS to: Lisa Estabrook

Thornton Academy 438 Main Street Saco, ME 04072

Thornton Academy is an independent town academy located in Saco, ME, serving a range of students including both publicly funded local students as well as private day students from towns across the region as well as an international boarding program.

The Thornton Academy Board of Trustees has adopted a non-discrimination policy. Thornton Academy considers all applicants without regard to race, age, color, ancestry or national origin, religion, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, marital, veteran, or any other legally protected status.

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