Part-time 5th Grade Support Teacher

Faculty / Part-Time

Esperanza Academy, Lawrence, MA

Esperanza Academy, an independent middle school for girls from Lawrence, Massachusetts, seeks a highly motivated support teacher for grade 5 who can engage and inspire students with a wide range of strengths and areas of growth. The teacher should commit to high expectations for all students and a desire to work closely with all students, especially those who are emerging multilingual and/or who have significant unfinished learning to develop independent learning skills. 

At Esperanza Academy, teachers form the backbone of our community.  The relationships that teachers build with students, parents, fellow faculty members, and administrators are the central factor in the success of our students. Esperanza Academy commits to investing in the professional, emotional, and spiritual well-being of its teachers, just as it expects teachers to invest in the academic, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our students.  

ABOUT ESPERANZA ACADEMY: At Esperanza Academy, we are fortunate to serve our students, their families, and the community of Lawrence. We are a tuition-free independent middle school with a 12-year commitment to our students because we believe that everyone deserves the right to high-quality independent school education. Our school is a revolutionary antidote to racism; we, as an academic community, emphasize racial and cultural identity affirmation, love of community, and restorative justice. By creating a culture of achievement in which academic success and self-discovery are paramount, we protect and nurture the innate confidence that each of our girls possesses.


  • Support classroom instruction for multiple Grade 5 teachers and content areas by:
    • Working with small groups of 5th grade students within and outside their regular classroom setting
      • focusing on: math fluency, analytical writing, and decoding/reading comprehension
      • potentially creating appropriate and effective lesson plans and/or working with specific curricula as needed
    • Providing additional support to individual students in the classroom
    • Supporting strong classroom routines and effective use of instructional time 
  • Effectively work with students with diverse social-emotional needs using a Restorative Justice approach.
  • Provide student-centered instruction, particularly through research-proven scaffolding strategies that improve independent learning
  • Communicate, and hold students accountable in an environment of “high challenge, high support, high joy” with learning goals aligned with Common Core State Standards, high school, and college preparation
  • Collaborate with tutors and families to support students’ skill development and confidence
  • Other duties as assigned by the Principal or Head of School.  (May include student supervision during lunch, recess, arrival/dismissal assigned in the faculty rota)


  • A high school degree and some college experience
  • Love for working with children 
  • Strong belief in the potential of each child
  • Openness to the role of spirituality in education
  • Positive references from current and former supervisors
  • Strong personal commitment to our school values

Esperanza will only accept applications from individuals currently authorized to work in the U.S.

Esperanza Academy

Lawrence, MA
Middle School