Music Choir Director

Faculty / Part-Time

Boston Trinity Academy, Boston, MA

Music is integral to the school curriculum. Through both required classes and various elective opportunities, the program aims to help all students discover and develop a love for making and listening to music. The department aims for a challenging atmosphere achieved through a delight in participation. Excellence is promoted through careful training, performances, and a high level of expectation. The school seeks a part time choir director to continue to build on the dynamic and engaging music program already in place. Music classes can be taught throughout the middle school and in the 9th and 10th grade. The position’s responsibilities will also include directing the upper school choir, as well as planning for and training musicians for the school’s weekly chapel service.

The Director will recruit and direct the upper school choir, which rehearses several times a week. He / She will also teach and develop middle school and 9th and 10th grade music classes. The Director will develop a repertoire that is in line with the abilities of the students involved, but which is also constantly seeking to stretch them. The repertoire is at the discretion of the Director but should be consistent with the values of the institution as expressed in the mission. The Director will work with the Performing Art Department Chair and others in the music program, to develop the repertoire, prepare for and organize the concerts, and support performances at other events as required. The Director will also work with the Jazz and Chamber Ensemble directors, Spiritual Life Dean, Drama, and Trinity Institute directors to advise, coordinate, and support their activities in reasonable ways. The Director is expected to have appropriate level piano skills to accompany the Choirs, when necessary.

Apart from the various preparations necessary for producing dynamic, challenging, and inspiring classes, all teachers have a range of duties. These include:

  • Participation in and contribution to the life of the department and broader faculty whether through discussions about teaching, curriculum, or latest developments in their disciplines;
  • Willing and active engagement with students outside of class through open availability for extra help, running an advisory, and running significant extra activities (coaching, advising a club, etc.);
  • Willingness to explore and collaborate with fellow department members and the broader faculty to design and run the school’s annual interdisciplinary programs which bring justice, leadership and the academic subjects together;
  • Other duties that contribute to the smooth running of a busy and engaging school life are expected of all faculty as assigned.

Boston Trinity Academy

Boston, MA
Middle School, High School
All Gender