Middle School Math and Grade 6 Technology Teacher

Faculty / Part-Time

Crossroads Academy, Lyme, NH

General Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Create, deliver, and record a cohesive, well-planned and articulated program
  • Set and achieve annual professional development goals with the Assistant Head for Academic Affairs
  • Provide substitute lesson plans as needed
  • Substitute for absent colleagues when available/as needed
  • Advise and meet with MS students weekly and attend MS advisory meetings
  • Communicate with advisors/parents regarding student concerns
  • Write weekly plans, student reports, course summaries and enter grades into PS within deadlines
  • Assist in general duties as assigned. Chaperone MS trips as needed
  • Develop and maintain proficiency in computer skills including PowerSchool, Google, Word documents, on-line textbooks, and school website/teacher page
  • Maintain Google Classroom page (MS) and teacher page
  • Respond in a timely way to voice-mail, email, and mail
  • Keep classroom orderly year round
  •  Other duties as may be assigned

Math Teacher Responsibilities: 

  • Teach one section of grade 7 math (Pre-Algebra I) and one section of Math 6 in accordance with Big Ideas Math. Additional sections of math may be added in the future
  • Demonstrate content knowledge
  • Demonstrate the ability to differentiate math lessons
  • Collaborate with the math department chair
  • Coordinate regularly around math program alignment and placements
  • Communicate with parents as needed

Technology Teacher Responsibilities:

  •    Teach 6th grade tech classes
    • Google Classroom, Google Suite, WeVideo
    • Internet Safety

Crossroads Academy

Lyme, NH
Elementary, Middle School
All Gender