Middle School English Enrichment Teacher

Administrator / Full-Time

Shady Hill School, Cambridge, MA

What is English Enrichment? 


English Enrichment, offered during a language block in lieu of a modern language, is a course designed to help students strengthen their reading, writing and study skills.  In addition, students in EE will build the important habits of mind such as self-reflection, self-advocacy, utilizing a strategic approach, and risk-taking.


In VII and VIII grades, Shady Hill students engage deeply and broadly with texts and writing assignments.  EE is focused on providing opportunities for students to strengthen and extend the literacy skills that are essential to academic success across disciplines.  In this course, students develop self-confidence in their own ability to communicate effectively by investigating, practicing and applying numerous reading and writing strategies.  Learning to determine a central idea, summarize a portion of difficult text and clearly express important ideas in writing are skills that students will use throughout their academic and social lives.


The course focuses on several curricular components:

  • Strategies for active reading, including note-taking and studying
  • Expository writing
  • Vocabulary and grammar
  • Research skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management skills
  • Self-awareness and advocacy skills



  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Education field required,Master’s preferred; Special Education degree and/or certification a plus
  • Training in structured, systematic middle school literacy instruction a plus (Writing Revolution, Project Read, etc)
  • Three to five years of prior middle school teaching experience required including demonstrated proficiency teaching a range of learners
  • Effective, timely, and professional communication skills
  • Commitment to learning and employing multicultural, anti-bias, antiracist teaching strategies that reflect cultural competence
  • Uses multicultural materials and resources


Specific Responsibilities:

  • Teach two sections of English Enrichment, one grade seven and one grade eight
  • Monitor the social, emotional, and academic lives of early adolescent students, creating an identity-safe and caring classroom environment and community
  • Manage all teaching responsibilities, including designing and implementing curriculum, differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all learners, utilizing a variety of approaches to teach and assess students
  • Communicate about student progress, write reports, hold parent conferences when needed and meet with administrators and other faculty to support the needs of individual students
  • Work collaboratively with Learning Resources Director and Learning Resources staff to shape and refine the curriculum
  • Document curriculum using Atlas curriculum mapping software
  • Athletics coaching is strongly encouraged and coaching outside of the school day provides additional compensation
  • Engage in professional development to enhance inclusive teaching and leadership practices. The school offers extensive professional development opportunities, including faculty summer study, travel grants, and yearly trips to the People of Color Conference for BIPOC employees.


In addition, the Middle School English Enrichment teacher will share in responsibilities associated with the position or with membership on the faculty, supervision of student activities, participating in special events and outreach programs, as well as lunch and recess supervision. The English Enrichment teacher is also expected to attend opening and closing meetings (August/September and June) and other faculty meetings as scheduled.


To apply: Please send a pdf including a cover letter and resume to: apply@shs.org or Shady Hill School, 178 Coolidge Hill, Cambridge, MA 02138.


Shady Hill offers competitive salaries and a generous benefits package, including medical, dental and vision insurance plans, a school-matched retirement plan and paid time off. Shady Hill is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. For more information on Shady Hill please visit us at www.shs.org

Shady Hill School

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