Maternity Leave Coverage: Secondary School Counselor

Faculty / Part-Time

International School of Boston, Cambridge, MA

The primary responsibility of the person holding this position is to be a resource in the area of social & emotional and psychological wellbeing of students. The Middle & Upper School Counselor is available to attend to urgent and ongoing student wellbeing matters as they arise, meeting with students, providing support to faculty and staff regarding such issues, or referring
students for outside support. The Counselor responds to short-term and medium-term student needs that impact their learning, their well-being at school, and their school social environment.

Job Description

  1. Direct Student Support
    • Meet with students and parents when counseling support is indicated.
    • Meet with groups of students during lunch time as a proactive measure in helping students deal with issues related to social and/or emotional areas.
    • Provide crisis support and initial assessment for student safety concerns.
  2. Resource, Information and Communication
    • Serve as a resource to Teachers, US/MS Division Director, Curriculum Coordinators, Student Support Team and Parents on developmental, socio-emotional, and psychological issues of students.
    • Lead and participate in the Well-being/Student Support Teams in the MS and US.
    • Be part of meetings with faculty and staff when discussing student issues.
    • Provide guidance and recommendations to teachers regarding student needs pertaining to wellbeing.
    • Serve as a resource to families when well-being concerns arise.
    • Assist in providing referrals for out of school mental health resources and provide collateral communication and team support.
    • Work with the Division Director to facilitate communication with parents about student behavioral and/or socio-emotional issues.
    • Keep teachers informed of student issues as necessary within the limits of confidentiality.
    • Help with the coordination and curriculum planning (SEL curriculum) for the MS Advisory program.
    • Teach SEL curriculum (such as stress management and mental health awareness) across MS and US grades.
    • Provide on campus supervision to Counseling Intern (together with Lower School Counselor).
  3. Administration
    • Keep documentation and records regarding all students who receive support.
    • Maintain information with safeguards towards privacy of information in line with professional licensure requirements.
    • Keep the MS/US Division Director informed of legal obligations related to the handling of student safety issues.
    • Meet regularly with the Wellness & Counseling Team (including Lower School Counselor, Health & Wellness Coordinator/Educator, and Counseling Intern)

International School of Boston

Cambridge, MA
Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, High School
All Gender