Literacy and Math Learning Specialist

Staff / Part-Time

Campus School of Smith College, Northampton, MA

Job Summary

Serve as a member of a highly responsive team approach to supporting student learning at Campus School of Smith College. Support students with different learning styles by providing intervention and remediation; support teachers in their efforts to advance students with different learning needs within the classroom (i.e. regular collaborative planning meetings to support differentiation). Chair student learning support services (i.e. IEP meetings) and lead monthly Learning Services meetings.

Take appropriate actions to support a diverse workforce and participate in the College’s efforts to create a respectful, inclusive, and welcoming work environment.

Essential Functions


  • Create lesson plans for students, particularly those with strengths and challenges related to literacy and math, executive function, processing speed, and working memory issues.
  • Provide classroom observations focused on students’ learning profile with the goal of offering strategies to enhance learning and academic success.
  • Communicate frequently with classroom teachers and families.
  • Keep administrators abreast of issues/specific student needs by providing both oral and written feedback.
  • Help to bridge current research on best practices in teaching and learning with classroom instruction.
  • Support nurturing, respectful, and safe school environments that respond to the needs of each student, faculty member, and family.
  • Run Learning Services Team meetings and attend IEP meetings.
  • Oversee the application for and distribution of grants to support students with learning needs.
  • Follow up with districts regarding services for Campus School students.

Other Functions


  • Participate in school wide professional development and AR/DEI programs/activities.
  • Participate in school and class events (e.g. field day, open house, parent nights, assemblies, graduation).
  • Attend staff meetings and participate on committees.
  • All employees are expected to participate in the College’s efforts to create a respectful, inclusive, and welcoming work environment.

Minimum Qualifications (knowledge, skills, education, experience, certifications, licenses)

Bachelor’s Degree and Massachusetts teacher licensure plus multiple years of classroom experience or the equivalent. Graduate degree strongly preferred.

Experience working with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Preferred Qualifications

Graduate degree. Experience as an elementary school learning specialist.


Must possess a profound understanding of differentiated instruction and research-based best practices related to the unique learning profiles of all students. Strong knowledge base in the area of learning differences, especially dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia, as well as a deep knowledge base regarding effective strategies for students with ADHD and behavioral concerns. Must know about early intervention, assessments, acquisition of reading and math, and be current on the general teaching of reading, writing, and mathematics. Strong interpersonal skills. Able to work effectively with a wide range of students and adults and as a member of a team.

Campus School of Smith College

Northampton, MA
All Gender