Librarian/Media Specialist

Faculty / Full-Time

St. Andrew’s School, Barrington, RI

Masters’ degree in education preferred
Expertise in the following:
● Transliteracy
● Emerging technology tools
● Flipped Learning
● Academic integrity

IB experience preferred
Key Responsibilities:
This position reports to the Assistant Head of School for Academics. This is a 10-month position
(September through June 30th):

● Advise students who need individualized support, particularly for executive functioning

○ This includes the start of the day: helping students to be organized for classes from a
materials management perspective and check out at the end of the day: supporting the
planner, prioritizing, and organizing what to bring home.

● Serve as an advocate and coach for each advisee

○ Communicate with parents bi-weekly in the form of a parent contact (email or phone
call) to keep parents informed about their child’s overall academic and
social/emotional progress.

● As a leader, the school librarian creates an environment for students that nurtures the
continuous cycle of inquiry, action, and reflection, as well as encourages students to be
creative problem-solvers:

○ Raises awareness in the form of monthly book days or weeks that help students to
draw links between the real world, information literacy, and digital literacy

○ Coordinates extended essays in the DP program

● The school librarian is an exceptional communicator and an enthusiastic team member:

○ Demonstrates proficiency in communication that is high touch provides a supportive
disposition and adheres to a 24 hour turnaround time for email responses

○ Partners with the Assistant Head of School for Academics and dept heads to plan
professional weeks

○ Sits on committees as designated by the Assistant Head of School for Academics

○ Contributes weekly to the newsletter

● They anticipate future obstacles and continually evolve to meet challenges. The school
librarian demonstrates his or her role as a visible, active leader in the school/library
community by:

○ Maintaining a cooperative relationship with administration, staff, students, parents,
community, and where applicable, local public libraries

○ Participating in school improvement activities

○ Sharing expertise at faculty meetings, as well as at external and
nationally/internationally recognized conferences, on an annual basis

○ Creating an environment that is conducive to collaboration with teaching staff, active
and participatory learning, and resource/research-based instructional practices

○ Sharing with the school community and adhering to collaboratively developed and
up-to-date policies concerning issues such as materials selection, circulation,
reconsideration of materials, copyright, privacy, and acceptable use

○ Embracing the use of instructional technology to engage students and improve
learning while providing 24/7 access to digital information resources for the entire
learning community

○ Remaining current in professional practices and developments, information
technologies, and educational research as it pertains to IB programs

○ Identifying and requesting to attend professional development activities intended to
increase the school’s “librarian” instructional effectiveness

Instructional Partner:
● As an instructional partner, the school librarian works with teachers and other educators to
build and strengthen connections between student information and research needs, curricular
content, learning outcomes, and information resources:

○ Responsible for training teachers on the IB interface and google

○ Teaming with content teachers and meeting weekly for planning purposes

○ Co-teaches a course on academic writing for diploma students

○ Leads professional development once per month for a total of five times per year on
topics as determined by the Assistant Head of School for Academics

○ Reports monthly circulation numbers to Assistant Head of School for Academics to
help determine topics

● The school librarian supports students’ success by guiding them in:

○ The continuous learning cycle of inquiry, action, and reflection; all learning activities
are designed around this premise

○ Reading for understanding, pleasure, and the exploration of diverse viewpoints and

○ Using information for defined and self-defined purposes

○ Accessing, evaluating, and communicating information regardless of the format

○ Building on prior knowledge and constructing new knowledge

○ Collaborating with peers to enhance learning through creating dynamic and effective
partnerships with teachers

○ Self-assessing work and the work of collaborative learning groups

The school librarian instructs students by:

○ Using a variety of techniques and methodologies that are accessible to myriad
learning profiles, while simultaneously promoting high levels of achievement

○ Incorporating best practices in differentiation and being able to demonstrate this on a
consistent basis

○ Incorporating the use of technology to make subject matter learning relevant and
enhance student learning outcomes

○ Demonstrating knowledge of and ability to use research-based principles of effective

○ Providing instruction based on current information literacy curricula as designated by
the IB

○ Engaging in diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments of student learning

● Tracks how all time is spent in the aforementioned areas through the use of an activity log

● Leads two seasons of after school activities

● Participates in the residential life program, which includes weekend duties approximately five
times per year

If interested, please submit a cover letter and current resume by June 1st, 2023
Alexandra R. McMullen
Assistant Head of School for Academics

St. Andrew’s School

Barrington, RI
Elementary, Middle School, High School, Post Graduate
Day, Boarding
All Gender