Learning Specialist – Maternity Leave Coverage

Staff / Full-Time

The Learning Project Elementary School, Boston, MA

Learning Specialist – Maternity Leave Coverage

Start Date: August 19, 2024

The Learning Project is a uniquely small elementary school centrally located in Boston’s Back Bay

neighborhood. We believe in nurturing students’ academic and personal growth, encouraging the joy

and creativity within each child, and taking advantage of all that our city setting has to offer.

For over fifty years, the core of the school’s mission has remained: to enroll a diverse group of students,

provide them with exciting and age-appropriate learning opportunities, to help children develop

strength of character, and to build a sense of connection through yearly traditions, cross-age

opportunities, and meaningful whole school activities. The Learning Project’s community remains its

biggest strength, and core to that community is its dedicated faculty and staff who are committed to the

school’s mission, its families, to supporting one another, and to their own personal and professional


The school seeks a Learning Specialist to fill the role from August 19th to December 4th while our

current employee is away for maternity leave. The role can be structured as part-time or full-time,

depending on the needs of the ideal candidate.

The Learning Specialist is responsible for assisting with academic data collection, review, and analysis

at the beginning of the school year. With that information, and in collaborative communication with

head teachers, the Specialist works to support students in grades K-6 with additional needs (mostly in

the realm of literacy, but occasionally math) in one-on-one and small group intervention sessions,

including but not limited to students with diagnoses from the DSM-5. To guide instruction, the

Specialist has access to The LP’s Really Great Reading Phonics curriculum, as well as other resources

provided from the Learning Specialist’s organized files and materials. Communication with teachers

and families about student needs and progress is an essential element of the role. Additionally, the

Specialist is a contributing member to the school’s Student Support Team, which is responsible for

coordinating individualized support for all students and families with particular academic, behavioral,

and social-emotional needs.

Experience with elementary age children is a must, along with a commitment to the values and

principles of this school, as described in our Mission Statement.

Specific responsibilities include:

● Contributing to the Student Support Team.

● Assisting with academic data collection/review/analysis.

● Supporting students with academic needs (mostly in the realm of literacy, but also

occasionally math) 1-on-1 or in small group format.

● Communicate with teachers and families about student needs and progress.


● Bachelor’s Degree or higher

● Experience with instruction in the elementary grades

● Proven background in structured literacy intervention methods

● An understanding of various learning disability profiles, diagnoses and needs

● Experience reading and analyzing Neuropsychological Evaluations

● Ability to connect with students with a variety of backgrounds

● Strong time management and organizational skills

● Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills

To apply, please email the following to tlp@learningproject.org

1. Application Cover Page (found at https://www.learningproject.org/_files/ugd/2ec5c9_4d8c63547a5b481eb105157c6e138e03.pdf

2. Cover Letter

3. Resume

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

The Learning Project is an equal opportunity employer, and, as such, employment decisions at the

school are based on merit, qualifications, and skills. The School is committed to a policy of

non-discrimination and equal opportunity for all employees and qualified applicants, without regard to

age, military or veteran status, race (which shall include traits historically associated with race,

including but not limited to, hair texture, type, length, coverings and protective hairstyles), color,

religious creed, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, genetic information, sex, pregnancy or

pregnancy-related conditions, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical or mental

disability, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state, or local law.

This commitment is evident in all aspects of The Learning Project’s employment practices and policies,

including recruiting, hiring, job assignment, promotion, compensation, discipline, discharge, benefits,

and training.

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