Humanities/ History Teacher

Faculty / Full-Time

The White Mountain School, Bethlehem, NH


Mission: We are a school of inquiry and engagement. Grounded in our Episcopal heritage, we prepare and inspire students to lead lives of curiosity, courage, and compassion

The White Mountain School seeks a full-time Humanities/History teacher to begin duties on January 9, 2023. This is an incredibly exciting time to be working at The White Mountain School. Because of our small size, rural location, and our courageous, compassionate culture, we know we will emerge from Covid stronger than ever before. Throughout the pandemic, reckoning on race, and political unrest, what has remained core to our culture and identity is this: we take seriously the idea that education must be driven by student inquiry, inquiry that extends beyond the classroom to the dorms, the playing fields and to the mountains. We anchor learning in topics that are relevant– to students and the world — and then create space for students to drive their own learning by their own questions. Most importantly, we know real learning and belonging can only happen when all students and faculty are seen, valued, and engaged. 


At your core, you know that learning can and must be both joyful and relational. Your active engagement in conversations about equity, belonging, and social justice and your multicultural fluency informs your work and guides your interactions. Deeply curious and resilient, you are excited to ask questions and seek answers: How might competency learning promote more equitable and student-driven learning? How might we inspire students to increase what they see as possible within themselves? How might we care for and educate the whole student? You are an experiential, progressive educator — or someone with a willingness to learn. In fact, it is your willingness to learn that extends to all you do. You love challenges, thrive in collaborative environments, and balance the gravity and joy of working in a boarding school. You seek a deeply relational and intentionally small community where you will be encouraged and supported to bring your full self to all aspects of your work. 

You also are able to teach a range of Humanities/History courses, and are interested in exploring ways to: 

  • Incorporate culture and current events into the classroom 
  • Incorporate new texts that are put in conversation with the canons. 
  • Engage students in meaningful, scholarly research that encourages viewing and interrogating history through multiple lenses and storylines. 
  • Integrate relevant conversations about social justice, climate change, and food/water insecurity into their classroom discussions. 


  • Teach 2 of 4 academic classes per semester 
  • Coach or lead 2 of 3 seasons of co-curricular activities
  • Advise 5-6 students 
  • Advise 1 night of dorm duty per weekday and 1 weekend of dorm duty per five weeks Teach 2 week-long Field Courses 


The White Mountain School is a gender- inclusive independent boarding and day school of 140 students in grades 9-12. Since our founding in 1886, we have remained true to our focus on the development of the whole student. Nestled among the beautiful mountains of northern New Hampshire, we make full use of our spectacular setting, using it to inspire humility, awe and a deep connection to the natural world so as to encourage students to become lifelong stewards of the natural world. Through our commitment to competency learning and emergent curricula, as well as through our Episcopal heritage, we tackle topics of social justice and environmental sustainability head- on, developing in our students the capacity to be curious, courageous and compassionate community members. We nurture a vibrant and diverse campus-wide ethos of inquiry and engagement in all aspects of learning and living. 

Equal Opportunity Employer 

The concepts of equal opportunity and diversity are understood as the right of all faculty job applicants and all hired faculty to be treated with equal fairness and to have the opportunity to excel without bias due to their race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, physical ability, or protected veteran status. 


Interested candidates should submit their (a) resume and (b) answers to the questions below (in lieu of a cover letter) via email (Choose four of the five questions to answer and limit your answers for each question to 100-150 words.) 

  1. What about this job description resonated with you and why are you interested in The White Mountain School? 
  2. In what ways has your previous work (or studies) demonstrated a commitment to equity and inclusion? 
  3. What does student-driven inquiry mean to you, and why are you interested in a school committed to it? 
  4. The work our teachers do in advising and in the dorm is often the most impactful work they do with students. As an educator, why do you believe this to be true?
  5. If you were encouraged and had permission to teach a course that is truly “outside of the box” in terms of what people expect to see in a high school, what would you teach and why?

The White Mountain School

Bethlehem, NH
High School, Post Graduate
Day, Boarding
All Gender