High School Math Teacher

Faculty / Full-Time

Pinkerton Academy, Derry, NH

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Classroom – Implements effective instructional practices to meet the needs of the learners -Plans lessons and units – Assesses student progress, provides feedback in a timely manner, and alters instruction based on that feedback -Communicates and adheres to clear grading procedures aligned with department policy -Monitors and documents progress of students and issues reports when appropriate – Maintains accurate student records and data, including grades and attendance -Utilizes appropriate and available resources (technology, professional growth opportunities, collaboration)- Communicates proactively with students and all other stakeholders regarding student progress-Provides support and remediation for students outside of class time
Department – Exhibits enthusiasm, cooperation, and professionalism with respect to department responsibilities – Engages and participates in department meetings, professional learning communities, and common planning-Displays professional growth in relation to individual, department, and school initiatives -Collaborates and shares expertise or areas of professional growth with colleagues -Communicates effectively and respectfully with department members – Participates in – Curriculum planning – Inventory and budgeting – General supervision- Professional growth – Departmental responsibilities -Displays – Professionalism -Appropriate conduct and behavior – Punctuality – Care of equipment and facilities- Reliability – Appropriate management techniques

Pinkerton Academy

Derry, NH
High School
All Gender
Town Academy