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Lander-Grinspoon Academy, Northampton, MA

Lander-Grinspoon Academy (LGA), a K-6 pluralistic Jewish day school in Northampton, MA, is a vibrant, heimish, growing school in a vibrant, heimish, growing Jewish community. We offer high-quality academics including Hebrew and Judaics, fabulous faculty, and a caring, interconnected parent body. We have lively music sessions all week long, especially on Monday mornings to welcome the students back from the weekend and Friday afternoons as we send them off for Shabbat. We share a campus with Congregation B’nai Israel and Abundance Farm; our students are out on the farm at least once/week getting their hands dirty. We deeply value the wisdom of our teachers; half of our faculty have been teaching at LGA for over 18 years. In turn our teachers deeply value the wisdom of our students and are able to provide tailored learning for each child (our student faculty ratio is 5:1). LGA is a small but mighty school, we just celebrated our 25th anniversary and are continuing to realize the incredible potential in and out of our walls!

We are seeking an inspiring, thoughtful, energetic, and creative Head of School (HOS) who can lovingly shepherd LGA into its next chapter. Our next HOS will be deeply skilled as:

a) A Change-maker (ability to lead in a changing environment)
b) A Relational leader (with strong interpersonal skills with adults and children, and a high level of social-emotional awareness)
c) The Face of our school (both on campus and in our larger community)

Additionally, our HOS will be enthusiastic about harnessing and strengthening our school’s resources – helping to secure major gifts as well as small dollar donations, continuing to expand enrollment (which is currently at its highest since 2014 and poised to grow much more over the next 5 years), and deepening partnerships across our community. In partnership with the Board of Directors, our HOS will work to articulate and implement a shared vision for LGA and its potential impact in our Jewish community and the wider region.

The successful candidate will be prepared to listen and learn from the experience of their board and staff, while also bringing their unique perspective to the role. Our HOS will be an effective, thoughtful, and kind manager to our staff and faculty, and will also be able to roll up their sleeves to enthusiastically fill in any roles that are needed in order to keep our school running well.

Candidates should have a demonstrated record of leadership and effective management of money and people.

During the worst of covid (2020-2021), Jewish families moved to Northampton in droves from Boston, NY, and other cities. Our community is now bursting at the seams with vibrant shabbat experiences, many chavurot, and inspiring family programming. In addition to the Conservative and Reform shuls right around the school, there is now a daily Halachic Egalitarian minyan hosted at the home of 2 LGA alumni. The Conservative synagogue is about to embark on a capital campaign to build a flourishing campus right outside of LGA’s doors. There is a sense that, more than any concrete program or plan, we haven’t yet harnessed all of the new Jewish energy. There is much exciting, creative work to be done as a Jewish professional here in the Happy Valley!

To apply to become our next head of school please send a cover letter and resume to Amy Wasser, Senior Director of School Services at Prizmah, Center for Jewish Day Schools.

Salary Range: $130,000 – $140,000 depending on experience.

Lander-Grinspoon Academy

Northampton, MA
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