Grades 5-6 Math/Science Teacher

Administrator / Full-Time

Fayerweather Street School, Cambridge, MA

Fayerweather seeks a passionate and experienced Grades 5-6 Math/Science Teacher for the 2024-25 school year. This teacher will teach a homeroom of 5-6 students (roughly 25 total) in Math and Science. This position will begin in the fall of the 2024-25 academic year. The Fayerweather science program values an inquiry-based science with students formulating questions about the world around them and seeking answers through scientific investigation. We use the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum for Grade 5 and 6 math. This position also collaborates with a Humanities co-teacher on whole group and thematic projects and creates and maintains a supportive and caring classroom environment.

Main Responsibilities

  • Create a supportive and caring classroom environment in which students can learn and interact positively with one another through student-centered instruction, collaboration, and authentic assessment.
  • Provide learning experiences that encourage curiosity, exploration, innovation, and problem-solving
  • Have enthusiasm, flexibility, and a desire to collaborate with colleagues in your grade level team and across disciplines.
  • Have an ability to teach/develop a curriculum that focuses on authentic, real-world application of learning.
  • Meet students where they are as learners by differentiating curriculum
  • Establish and maintain excellent classroom management
  • Exhibit excellent communication with parents to provide timely and appropriate feedback regarding student progress
  • Possess a growth mindset when it comes to engaging with relevant and mission-driven professional learning
  • Knowledge of Illustrative Mathematics, Next Generation Science Standards, Collaborative Problem Solving, and Responsive Classroom is a plus

Skills and Qualifications:

Working at FSS

  • be knowledgeable of the philosophy of progressive education
  • demonstrate strong cultural awareness and responsiveness, as well as experience supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives

Teaching at FSS

  • teach math and science curriculum to fifth and sixth graders

Responsibilities at FSS

  • performing various duties, including recess coverage, lunch duty, and creating curricular displays
  • responsible for social-emotional and academic development of a homeroom of fifth and sixth-grade students
  • document curriculum as it evolves throughout the year
  • narrative report writing and timely communication with parents
  • attending weekly staff meetings
  • participating in admissions programming as needed
  • and other duties as assigned

Fayerweather Street School:

Fayerweather Street School welcomes candidates who will add to the diversity of our community and who have demonstrated a commitment to diversity, equity, and belonging in their teaching and learning. Fayerweather Street School is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, sex, disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression or family composition, or any other status protected by applicable law in the administration of its employment, education, admission, financial aid, and other policies and programs.


To Apply: Please submit your cover letter and resume. Please be prepared to provide at least four references; at least two of your references must be, or have been, someone you directly reported to.

Fayerweather Street School

Cambridge, MA
Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School
All Gender