First Grade Teacher

Faculty / Full-Time

Gordon School, East Providence, RI

The Gordon School is a racially diverse nursery through eighth grade all-gender independent school in East Providence, RI. The curriculum is rooted in multicultural practice and social justice, with an emphasis on developing intellectual leadership, active imagination, and a child’s natural inquisitive nature. Students are challenged and inspired to be active workers toward their own education and teachers strive to develop meaningful relationships with each child and family. 

We are seeking to hire a passionate, knowledgeable, and creative elementary educator with a commitment to diversity and inclusion and a strong sense of cultural competency. We have an opening in the first grade. Personal qualities include the ability to inspire children, the capacity to work cooperatively with peers, and a joyful sense of humor. 

This full-time homeroom teacher will implement a curriculum that is hands-on, developmentally appropriate, interactive, connected to the real world, interdisciplinary, and responsive to the strengths and interests of the students. The ideal candidate will have an understanding of elementary school practice and pedagogy and possess a willingness to partner with colleagues and parents to ensure the social, emotional and academic well being of students. 

Personal attributes and skills required 

  • Possess the physical and mental attributes required for teaching elementary school age children 
  • Appreciate and enjoy working with children this age 
  • Be energetic, flexible, resilient, and open to change and new ideas 
  • Possess good organizational capabilities and be able to implement these effectively 
  • Have strong interpersonal skills that support and engender trust and be able to collaborate effectively with a team of teachers 
  • Have a deep sense of community, be respectful of adults and children, understand and respect human differences 
  • Understand and support multicultural practice and pedagogy 
  • Have experience working in a racially diverse community 
  • Be a thoughtful and effective listener 
  • Be able to communicate with parents, colleagues, and students clearly and accurately, both orally and in writing 
  • Have a strong sense of self, a good sense of humor, and a positive outlook on one’s professional endeavors 

Prerequisites for the position

  • Possess an undergraduate degree at minimum, be well-grounded in elementary education and have experience working with children of this age 
  • Have a basic understanding and working knowledge of current educational practices and of a curriculum that supports a developmental, process-oriented approach 
  • Desire to teach in a racially, culturally, and socioeconomically diverse school community
  • The ability to create innovative, mission-based curriculum that fosters skill development and aligns with progressive pedagogy and supports a neurodiverse classroom
  • Understand assessment methods which are appropriate for gaining insights into the educational needs of elementary students and for evaluating their progress 
  • Understand national math standards, Writing Workshop and Literature-Based Reading 
  • Training in Orton Gillingham and knowledge of Math in Focus preferred 
  • Training or experience in special education practices and approaches preferred
  • Experience with or knowledge of differentiated instruction, particularly in math, reading and writing

Duties and expectations

  • Report to the Lower School Director
  • Be a full time classroom teacher who is responsible for the supervision and teaching of all students in their classroom 
  • Create and implement an age-appropriate curriculum that integrates all subject areas including mathematics, language arts, and social studies 
  • Work closely with other teachers and the division director to assess and develop the Lower School curriculum in mathematics, language arts, and social studies 
  • Promote student involvement and participation in all aspects of the program 
  • Set and monitor the tone of the classroom to ensure an environment that is well-ordered and exhibits respect for classmates, teachers, and the school as a whole 
  • Engage in the school’s formal teacher evaluation process and yearly goal-setting with the division director and the Assistant Head of School 
  • Engage in ongoing professional development, especially related to growth as a multicultural practitioner 
  • Attend and participate in professional meetings and community events that may include those that occur after school hours. These can include team, divisional,  all-school meetings, admission Open Houses, and other events that support the life of the school.
  • Take daily attendance, oversee dismissal, and engage in various student supervision duties, as defined by the division director 
  • Write progress reports and hold conferences with parents at regularly scheduled times and at other times as deemed appropriate 

Interested candidates should email a cover memo and resume to Minna Ham, Lower School Director at by February 16, 2024.

Gordon School

East Providence, RI
Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School
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