Elementary School Teacher-SPHERE Summer Program

Staff / Full-Time

Watkinson School, Hartford, CT

Watkinson School, offering innovative teaching to Hartford and surrounding communities since 1881, seeks a summer-only full-time elementary school teacher. SPHERE is a non-profit, five-week program for 60-70 Hartford and East Hartford youth entering grades 1-5 held at Watkinson School.

Daily classroom instruction is aligned with the Common Core State Standards in literacy and math. Teachers are encouraged to use technology to support instruction and promote student engagement. Other classroom practices that the SPHERE Summer Program incorporates are:

  • Social-emotional morning routines such as Morning Circles and mindfulness activities
  • Skill-based learning stations
  • Interactive Read Alouds and text discussions
  • Using pre- and post-assessment and daily observation to drive instructional choices
  • Positive reinforcement classroom management system as well as class and program-wide celebrations

Successful applicants will demonstrate a commitment to reaching all students in a heterogeneously-grouped class. They will do so by using creative approaches to instruction that incorporate both hands-on and minds-on learning while prioritizing fun, laughter, and opportunities for student choice. Successful applicants will also bring to the position a sense of enthusiasm, proactivity, and warmth as well as the ability to develop and sustain positive relationships with parents, students, and summer program colleagues.

 A bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education or a related field and proven successful experience teaching at this level is required. In addition to classroom teaching responsibilities, this position includes supervising high school student counselors assisting in the classroom, and occasionally moderating an afternoon activity.

 Watkinson School is an equal opportunity employer and an open and affirming community. We seek candidates of diverse backgrounds. This position commences on June 21st and concludes on July 28th and is a summer-only position. If interested, please send a cover letter, resume, and three references to sphere@watkinson.org.

Watkinson School

Hartford, CT
Elementary, Middle School, High School
All Gender