Director of Global & Experiential Learning

Staff / Full-Time

Kents Hill School, Readfield, ME

Position Overview

Kents Hill School’s Director of Global and Experiential Learning plays an essential role in organizing and overseeing the components of our program that allow students to continue learning beyond the traditional schedule, calendar, and campus. Working closely with the Associate Head of School, the Senior Director of Advancement, the Dean of Academics, and our International Student Program leaders, the Director of Global and Experiential Learning ensures that students enjoy a host of academic, professional, and extracurricular opportunities. These opportunities include national and international travel; academic and cultural exchange programs; communication with, and mentoring from, talented Kents Hill alumni; suggestions for worthwhile summer courses, summer camps, and summer jobs; and a variety of service-learning experiences.

Reports To: The Associate Head of School


  • Establish and maintain thoughtful curricular and programmatic partnerships regionally, nationally, and internationally to expand student learning opportunities beyond the classroom.
    • Collaborate with the Dean of Academics and other academic leaders to develop, utilize, and track curriculum partnerships with organizations across the state and country;
    •  Collaborate with department chairs and individual teachers to schedule, coordinate, and capture class visits, field trips, and other off-campus excursions during the academic day and week; and
    • Collaborate with the Student Life Team to schedule and coordinate a series of off-campus, whole-school activities known as “Maine Days.”
  • Serves as the primary point of contact for external partnerships, businesses, families, and alumni who are interested in providing learning student academic and skills-based learning opportunities for students on or off campus, including speakers for all school events and practitioners to participate in our PEAK program.

  • Oversee the development of our internship and volunteer opportunities program.
    • Work with parents, local community members, local nonprofits, and local universities to define, manage, and continually refine student internship and volunteer opportunities;
    • Meet one-on-one with students to identify their goals for internships and prepare for specific opportunities; and

    • Develop and implement an assessment plan to evaluate the efficacy of the internship training.


  • Research and coordinate the feasibility and implementation of Global and National Exchange Programs and Trips for students and faculty.
    • Identify and organize opportunities for national and international travel during long weekends, school breaks, summer vacations, etc.;
    • Identify schools for domestic and international exchanges for KHS students and develop protocols for exchange, including but not limited to costs associated with travel, immigration and visa guidelines, travel and immunization recommendations for families; and

    • Develop and implement safety protocols for domestic and international travel.

  • Identify, promote, vet, maintain and track  a database of KHS 365 learning opportunities for student breaks and summer months.
    • Working with the Senior Director of Advancement and select Kents Hill alumni to organize internships and summer employment opportunities for current students.
  • Collaborate with the Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion Programming and International Student  Activities Coordinator to develop and lead excursions and programs for our international students
    • Collaborate to develop and maintain a list of programs, activities, and host programs for international student travel and stay during breaks and summer months.


  • Serves on the Heads Advisory Council Plus (HAC+).

  • Serves on the Academic Program Team (APT).

  • Teaches 1-2 classes that reflect the DGEL’s interests and qualifications, the Global and Experiential Learning lens, and the school’s staffing needs.

  • Oversees one student club.

  • Serves as a member of a weeknight and weekend duty team.

  • Serves as an advisor for a small group of students.

  • Other duties and special projects may be assigned to meet department and school needs.


The ideal candidate will also thrive in a collaborative working environment that looks for innovative and creative programming, is comfortable working atypical hours, brings flexibility to their work, and desires to get to know and engage regularly with a range of students.


  • Bachelor’s Degree with a Master’s Degree strongly preferred.

  • Valid driver’s license and ability to travel domestically and internationally on behalf of the school.

  • Prior experience creating and leading experiential, project-based, interdisciplinary, and hands-on projects, instruction, and learning opportunities.

  • Strong communications, organizational, collaboration, and interpersonal skills to develop and sustain relationships with internal and external partners.

  • Able to work frequent nights and weekends.


  • Experience with program assessment.

  • Proven commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice.

  • Prior experience with service learning, global studies, or exchange programs.

  • Prior teaching, coaching, or advising/career counseling experience desired.

Kents Hill School

Readfield, ME
High School, Post Graduate
Day, Boarding
All Gender