Director of Finance and Operations

Staff / Full-Time

Beacon Academy, Boston, MA


Beacon Academy closes the opportunity gap for a cadre of Boston’s bright and determined students. Striving for educational equity using a lens of social justice, we help our students create life changing opportunities as they build lives of purpose, community and impact. Our 10-Year Model begins with our Academy Year – a 14-month term filled with academic rigor, personal development, and exciting life experiences – followed by diverse support programs for our alumni throughout high school, college, and early careers. Not only do we prepare students for futures of curiosity and well being, but we also stay connected with them, offering resources to promote success from their first day at Beacon into their first careers. We value our community and strive for a sense of belonging at Beacon. To achieve that, we honor each person’s dignity and humanity, bring a learning mindset to our work, encourage honest and direct feedback, and look for joy even in challenging spaces. We invite you to contribute to these core values of Beacon. 


The Director of Operations is responsible for making sure Beacon has the resources and systems in place to function effectively while staying connected to its mission and its students. 


  • Represent the core values of the Academy in all work performed on behalf of the Academy and in all activities related to the lives of students, graduates and their families by demonstrating an excellent work ethic, personal integrity, confidentiality, professional maturity and thoughtful ambassadorship.
  • Develop, recommend, implement and evaluate operational policies and procedures for all areas of responsibility. Ensure all policies and procedures are in compliance with applicable local, federal and state regulations and laws governing business operations


  • Provide Academy-wide strategic leadership, analysis and management of the Academy’s finances 
  • In consultation with the CEO & Head of School and the Board of Trustees, create, administer, monitor and adapt the Academy’s strategic financial plan, operating and capital budgets and other financial matters as needed; provide oversight of the management of the endowment 
  • Manage and participate in all aspects of the financial accounting and reporting; plan, facilitate, and coordinate the annual independent financial audit; ensure that the Academy exhibits best practices and complies with all applicable accounting procedures and standards. 
  • Oversee the Academy’s internal control structure as it relates to the policies, procedures and documentation of all accounting and financial reporting activities; exercise prudent financial judgment. 
  • Manage the procedures and services provided by eCratchit, an outsourced accounting service provider, to produce financial analysis and documentation in support of the monthly financial statements, annual budgets and strategic financial planning and projections. 
  • Manage the Finance Coordinator in the coordination of Beacon’s accounts payable and receivable, record keeping, reporting and answering relevant inquiries. 
  • Manage the timely and accurate filing of all required financial reports in accordance with GAAP and in compliance with the IRS and other regulatory standards and requirements. 
  • Serve as the administration’s representative to the Board Finance and Audit committees. 


  • Serve on the CEO & Head of School’s Leadership Team and the Emergency Response Team. 
  • Initiate and lead conversations to manage all operations in the new building; manage the Operations Coordinator. 
  • Manage the operations and budgets of Information Technology, Buildings and Grounds and Food Services. 
  • Oversee the creation and implementation of all risk management strategy at the Roslindale campus including COVID-19 procedures and protocols, occupant safety and required training. 
  • Manage relationships, contracts and agreements with external vendors, consultants and service providers in the maintenance of operational activities and processes. 
  • Ensure that all systems including Information Technology, Telecommunications and HVAC are functioning effectively. 
  • Serve as the administration’s representative to the Board Facilities committee.


  • Manage all human resources activities including talent acquisition, compensation and benefits programs, the performance management review process and compliance with all federal and state employment requirements. 
  • In collaboration with the Human Resources consultant, investigate and resolve employee issues, update the employee handbook and develop and maintain accurate job descriptions. 
  • Recommend and manage changes in processes, procedures and/or systems with the goal of continuous improvement. 


  • Work with colleagues to identify areas in which greater coordination or collaboration can improve the quality or cost-effectiveness of operations, services and administrative support. 
  • Collaborate effectively with and provide support for the Development Department. 
  • With the CEO & Head of School, maintain positive relationships with the Academy’s neighbors and local town officials. 
  • Complete annual surveys and reports for benchmarking purposes. 
  • Maintain appropriate professional memberships and represent the Academy at related meetings and conferences. 
  • Attend Board meetings when necessary. 


  • 5-7 years of Finance and Operations leadership; master’s degree preferred 
  • Demonstrated ability identifying and implementing “best practices” for financial, administrative, facilities and technology management. 
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; ability to effectively communicate complex financial or accounting information to non-accountants. 
  • Excellent analytical, strategic, mathematical and quantitative skills. 
  • Ability to manage, motivate and evaluate staff and vendors including facilities and technology workers. 
  • The ability to work collaboratively with a diverse group of community members with fairness, respect, consistency and integrity. 
  • Ability to develop proposals, RFPs, presentation materials and other written materials. Creative ability, a positive outlook, an excellent work ethic and a sense of humor. Demonstrated ability to embrace and share the Academy’s mission.
  • Ability to travel and work evenings and weekends as necessary. 
  • Judgement, insight and intuition. 


  • The ability to move freely about the greater Boston area and throughout the North East. The ability to work using a computer for long periods of time. 

Reports to: CEO & Head of School 

Supervises: Finance Coordinator and Operations Coordinator 

FTE: 1.0 

Exempt/Nonexempt: Exempt 

Schedule: A minimum of 40 hours a week and additional hours as necessary to complete the work Work Year: Full year 

Benefits Eligible: Yes 

Date: September 2021 



Please send a cover letter and resume to in the Subject Line type: Director of Finance and Operations. Beacon Academy welcomes a diverse candidate pool, including candidates who are bilingual, because we believe a diversity of voices leads to better outcomes for everyone. Beacon Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Beacon Academy

Boston, MA
Middle School, High School
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