Director of Career Development and Engagement

Faculty / Full-Time

Pinkerton Academy, Derry, NH

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Contract Period: Academic-year position 210 days, salaried, exempt

Supervisor: Associate Dean of Academics– Career & Technical Education Department

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in education, counseling, business, or a related field, with a preference for candidates holding a Master’s degree. Candidates should demonstrate prior, career counseling education experience, workforce development, or a related field. Strong networking and relationship-building skills are essential, with the ability to effectively engage professionals from diverse industries.

Working Hours: Flexible working hours to include normal school days, some evenings, and weekend hours along with time during the summer as needed to fulfill the position duties. Occasional site visits at community businesses and state agencies.

Profile of a Pinkerton Director of Career Development and Engagement

Pinkerton Academy’s Director of Career Development and Engagement plays an important role in the operation of the Academy. The Director of Career Development and Engagement at Pinkerton Academy is responsible for spearheading the institution’s comprehensive career development strategy. This role entails collaborating with school counselors to assess students’ needs and interests, analyzing existing resources, and devising targeted interventions to enhance career readiness. The director cultivates partnerships with local businesses and community organizations to provide diverse opportunities for student career exploration and professional development. Additionally, they provide personalized career counseling, oversee work-based learning programs, and support the growth of Career and Technical Education (CTE) initiatives. Knowledge of career development theories, job search strategies, and labor market trends, as well as familiarity with CTE programs and industry standards, are essential. Proficiency in data tracking and evaluation methods ensures the effectiveness of career services and programming, ultimately guiding students toward successful futures.

Job Type: Full-time

Pinkerton Academy

Derry, NH
High School
All Gender
Town Academy