Creativity and Design Department Chair

Faculty / Full-Time

Fay School, Southborough, MA

Beginning August 2022

The Creativity and Design Department Chair works with the Director of the Educational Program to define, articulate, and implement the School’s Creativity and Design curriculum from Kindergarten through grade nine. The Chair provides professional and academic leadership to faculty members of the department. The Chair supports the ongoing evolution of Fay’s academic program by developing and implementing school-wide curricula that incorporate concepts of design thinking and creative problem solving, overseeing the School’s Center for Creativity & Design (CC&D), and fostering engagement between the CC&D and members of the Fay community.

The Creativity and Design Department Chair observes teaching, provides regular feedback, and conducts annual teaching evaluations. The Chair ensures that teachers have access to the tools and resources they need to enable each student to be optimally challenged, engaged, and supported in the process of learning. The Chair reports to the Director of the Educational Program and collaborates with three division heads and other department chairs regarding program development and implementation. This is a full-time, school-year position and is eligible for benefits. Campus housing may be available.

The Creativity and Design Department Chair must have knowledge of the design thinking framework, experience in utilizing new technologies effectively in the classroom, and confidence in using state-of-the-art fabrication equipment. Candidates must have at least five years’ experience teaching at the elementary or middle school level and developing and implementing curricula across multiple grade levels; knowledge of project-based learning principles and experience helping faculty design curriculum that applies these practices to teaching and learning; experience designing activities and curriculum that use fabrication equipment, and conducting professional development in these areas. A master’s degree in education or a related field is required. Candidates are expected to have strong communication skills and to be effective collaborators. Fay School seeks candidates who will reflect and enhance the racial, cultural, and gender diversity of our school.

Responsibilities include:
Academic Program

  • Working with the Director of the Educational Program to develop and implement the K-9 Creativity and Design curriculum, including skills, content, and assessment
  • Performing regular review and revision of the curriculum, and developing new courses
  • Ensuring that the curriculum is structured to meet the developmental needs of students in grades K-9
  • Providing academic leadership by modeling standards of best instructional practice
  • Attending grade level team meetings and Department Chair meetings
  • Determining faculty teaching assignments based on the strengths of department personnel
  • Working with the Director of Learning Services to address the specific needs of students with learning differences
  • Maintaining relationships with professional organizations for creativity and design educators and with academic leaders from other independent schools
  • Working with students in the CC&D and teaching the equivalent of three courses
  • Supporting and introducing new approaches and technologies through meetings with individual faculty members, academic departments, and the entire faculty to integrate design thinking and instructional technology into their curriculum
  • Coordinating with the Director of Innovation to maintain, replace, and upgrade equipment
  • Collaborating with the Department Chairs and Division Heads to find opportunities to enhance the existing academic curriculum through projects in the CC&D
  • Finding ways to engage the broader school community, including parents, in learning about and using the CC&D

Department Administration

  • Collaborating with the Director of the Educational Program and three division heads in several key areas:
    • Supporting and enforcing school policies, standards, and deadlines, especially in the areas of student assessment, parent communication, comment writing, and attendance
    • Ensuring that faculty meet the School’s standards of quality for completing academic procedures, including student assignments, lesson plans, effort grades, curriculum documentation, grade books, grades, and comments
    • Observing classroom teaching, providing feedback, conducting annual evaluations, and recommending targeted professional development for faculty
    • Hiring and retaining Creativity and Design department faculty
    • Facilitating effective communication among students, faculty, and parents
  • Scheduling and leading regular Department Meetings to review and discuss pedagogy and curriculum
  • Planning field trips, guest speakers, industry experts, and special events that support curriculum goals
  • Establishing and monitoring the CC&D budget
  • Purchasing and maintaining capital items and supplies required to implement the curriculum


Interested candidates should send cover letter and resume via email with the subject line “Creativity and Design Department Chair” to

Fay School

Southborough, MA
Elementary, Middle School, High School
Boarding, Day
All Gender