Business Manager

Administrator / Full-Time

Cambridge Montessori School, Cambridge, MA

The Business Manager is responsible for supervising the business functions of Cambridge Montessori School (CMS). This person will be responsible for day-to-day operations of the Business Office and also administers specific financial policies which support the School.

The Business Manager works with the Head of School and Board of Trustees to develop innovative solutions to challenges in the areas of financial strategies, financial analysis, reporting and information dissemination to management, use of appropriate systems and technology, and cost-effective use of resources.

The Business Manager reports directly to the Head of School. This person will work closely with the Leadership Team, all teachers, and office staff in order to maximize effectiveness of the Business Office to fulfill the school’s mission. The Business Manager will supervise other Business Office employees and volunteers.



  • Perform accounting functions including accounts payable, accounts receivable, tuition, purchasing and financial reporting
  • Establish and maintain proper policies, processes and procedures to safeguard all assets, assure proper approvals and provide complete audit trails
  • Prepare financial statements in accordance with GAAP
  • Provide checks and balances for organization by signing all checks
  • Coordinate audit and tax requirements
  • Manage the preparation of budget
  • Monitoring budget vs. actual 
  • Prepare cash flow analysis


  • Oversee Family Account collections and creation of monthly reports
  • Coordinate financial assistance process, which includes working with a committee to recommend financial assistance awards
  • Close end of year in Tuition Management Systems
  • Work closely with the Directors of Admissions and Development

Human Resources

  • Oversee employee benefit package
  • Manage compensation process with budget process
  • Manage hiring process. Includes execution of contracts and letters of engagement as well as maintaining up to date records for each employee.
  • Process payroll
  • Assure compliance with all employment laws
  • Administer policies and updated employee manual 

Cambridge Montessori School Finance Committee Member

  • Prepare materials for the Finance Committee (balance sheet, P&L statements, etc.)
  • Serve as Finance Committee Member
  • Coordinate audit and tax requirements – includes 990 Form
  • Manage the preparation of budget
  • Monitoring budget vs. actual and prepare cash flow analysis

Special Projects

  • Perform other duties in pursuit of the school’s mission as assigned by the Head of School
  • Manage Capital Projects
  • Oversees Facilities

Cambridge Montessori School

Cambridge, MA
Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School
All Gender