Biology Teacher

Faculty / Full-Time

Gann Academy, Waltham, MA

Gann Academy faculty are active members of the school community who are committed to collaborating and growing in their teaching practice, supporting diverse learners in the classroom, connecting with students outside the classroom, supporting other faculty and staff members, and who can self-reflect on their own practice. Commitment to professional development, growth, and collaboration are imperative to be a successful member of the Gann faculty.

Gann Academy seeks candidates for a full-time position for the 2022-2023 academic year teaching Advanced Biology and either Biotechnology or other advanced science electives. Successful candidates will have a passion for the biological sciences, a strong background in classroom teaching, curriculum design and pedagogy, and a commitment to collaborating, reflecting, and growing in their teaching practice. Strong preference will be given to candidates who can flex between teaching biology and chemistry and/or conceptual physics as needed in future years. Personal qualities such as creativity, curiosity, perseverance, and flexibility, are desirable as are strong communication skills with both students and families.


Gann Academy is committed to building an inclusive workplace culture where talented people of widely diverse backgrounds can thrive. We believe the inclusion of diverse perspectives will improve our work and produce better societal and learning outcomes for all. All employees participate in this commitment whether internally, in building a welcoming workplace culture and /or externally, in ensuring inclusive engagement with families, donors, media, vendors, allies, and others.

Advising & Other Duties

  • Serve as a student advisor or the equivalent; maintain open communication with Student Support, School Administration, teachers, and parents regarding student issues; remain current on the schools academic program requirements to guide students through 4-year planning and course registration; ensure that course registration forms are completed fully and accurately before signing;
  • Although not obligated, all faculty and staff are welcome and encouraged attend, lead, participate, and/or help plan any Zman Kodesh activities as often as desired;
  • Serve as a club advisor or the equivalent;
  • As appropriate, for Arts faculty plan and run rehearsals, open studio time, special events, and performances both during school hours and on nights and weekends.

Community Involvement & Engagement

  • Attend and participate in communal programs outside the classroom including, but not limited to, assemblies (Hakhel, Limud Clali), community blocks, guest speakers, and other special programs during school hours; model and encourage appropriate behavior and monitor students during events and programming;
  • Attend and participate in open houses, graduation, and other special events which may take place in the evenings and/or weekends; faculty and staff are encouraged to attend student performances, art exhibitions, athletics, and other events and activities to support students and promote community engagement;
  • Plan, chaperone, and participate in field trips and outside activities which may involve travel;
  • Plan, chaperone, and/or participate in Exploration Week (travel trips optional); planning and leading a program about which a faculty member is passionate is especially encouraged and valued.
  • Attend and participate in the All-School Retreat;
  • Although not obligated to attend or participate, all general studies teachers are welcome to attend, participate in, and/or help plan shabbatonim to the extent they would like; in particular, attendance at all or part of the grade level shabbaton for which one is an advisor can be a positive experience for group bonding;

Collaborative Responsibilities

  • Help foster a positive working and educational environment for students and colleagues and support the schools mission, vision, and values.
  • Work with students outside of classroom time as needed.
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues across all departments.
  • Attend and participate in department meetings; collaborate with department members and instructional director on curriculum development, lesson planning, student issues, and department initiatives.
  • Assist colleagues with substitution when able; arrange class coverage as needed and communicate to instructional director, reception, and record it in Ganns online attendance platform regarding absences.

Professional Development, Growth, and Training

  • Attend and participate in the weekly All Faculty and Staff (AFS) Meeting; attend other faculty meetings as required;
  • Attend and participate in all faculty/staff work-day programs, in-service training (including both August and June in-service days), orientation programs, benefit meetings, mandatory seminars, and safety training/drills;
  • Pursue professional development opportunities in or out of school; display willingness and ability to grow, learn, and practice self-reflection; work with instructional director and other members of the faculty and administration on educational and pedagogical growth and innovative tools and techniques in and out of the classroom;
  • Communicate regularly with instructional director on classroom issues, student concerns, curriculum and lesson planning needs, time off requests, and general school policies and procedures;

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Attend and participate in parent/teacher conferences and advisor conferences which may take place in the evening;
  • Keep records of correspondence with parents, progress of advisees, records of teaching practice and student work, and utilize the school database appropriately to communicate student issues.
  • Take and record attendance; prepare and file reports, letters, grades, and comments as required and directed by school administration.
  • Complete required paperwork, forms, surveys, employment documents, background checks/fingerprinting, online training programs, and other school policy and legal requirements by established deadlines.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Perform other administrative or educational duties as assigned by the Head of School or their designee;
  • Faculty members who teach a 10th, 11th, or 12th class and have reduced academic responsibilities while their students are on the Gann Israel trip, Maavar program, or who teach a module or elective class, are assigned responsibilities in lieu of that class or in addition to the module during the applicable semester. This may include:
    • Supervising internships, senior projects, or providing other support during Maavar;
    • Providing extra support for students, such as supervising study hall or staffing a help center;
    • Advising an additional extra-curricular activity or club;
    • Traveling to Israel with the class; helping plan/execute Israel program;
    • Providing Library or class coverage; and/or
    • Other administrative or educational duties as assigned by the Head of School or their designee.

The above responsibilities are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to do this job. The above is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties required.


  • A bachelors degree in Biology is required, a masters degree is preferred.
  • Three years of experience and strong organizational skills
  • A commitment to student-centered, skill-based science teaching.
  • A facility with educational technology such as managing classroom documents and communication through a learning management system, utilizing collaborative documents, as well as relevant apps and online resources.
  • A facility with science focused technology such as data collection probe-ware.
  • An interest in progressive teaching practices such as blended learning, project-based learning, and mastery teaching.
  • A willingness to participate and engage in the life of the school through our robust student advising program, and with student groups or other duties.
  • Excellent customer service skills and the ability to work with wide range of peoplestudents, parents, faculty, staff, and community members.
  • Knowledge of subject matter and ability and willingness to continue to learn, research, and grow.
  • Possess strong collaboration and team-oriented working and leadership skills along with the ability to balance a pursuit of academic and institutional excellence with compassion and nurture for each individual.
  • Possess an educational vision that aligns with the core principles of Gann Academy.
  • Strong communication, planning, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work independently and effectively in a changing, fast-paced environment.
  • Possess and exude a positive attitude and passion for teaching.


Gann Academy offers an attractive and competitive package of benefits to our employees. Health and wellness benefits include individual and family plan health insurance, group life insurance, temporary and long-term disability benefits, and health savings and flexible spending accounts. In addition, employees benefit from a very generous amount of time off, including vacation and sick time, and for both Jewish and secular holidays. Gann also has a 403(b)-retirement plan with employer matching.

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