Associate Head for Institutional Advancement

Administrator / Full-Time

Concord Academy, Concord, MA

Concord Academy, an independent, co-educational boarding and day school renowned for its world-class faculty, passionate students, and graduates who make their mark on the world, seeks an Associate Head for Institutional Advancement to start July 1, 2023.

Founded in 1922, Concord Academy has long balanced high academic standards with a focus on educating the whole student through a rich curriculum that includes the arts, athletics, and cultural opportunities. Self-expression, storytelling, and careful listening are hallmarks of the Concord Academy (CA) experience.

The ideal candidate will possess a broad school background—a total grasp of the externally facing aspects of a successful institution and how they can and must work collaboratively to optimize revenue streams. Areas of responsibility include enrollment management, marketing and communications, advancement and engagement, and auxiliary revenue in alignment with and support of the mission. This role will help bolster the efforts of the school to bring together a large and engaged Concord community to support and articulate the distinct mission of Concord Academy more broadly. This is an exciting time for the school, and we are seeking a dynamic and forward-thinking leader to help chart a course to capitalize on the strengths of the school.

The ideal candidate will have deep school experience and a proven track record of producing results on teams in complex organizations; boarding school experience is a plus. The candidate will be a member of the Executive Council, the Chamberlain Leadership Council, and a thought partner for the Head of School, other administrators, and board members as Concord concludes a successful campaign. The Associate Head for Institutional Advancement will integrate our work in admissions and enrollment, marketing and communication, advancement and engagement; seek new opportunities for alignment and advancement of key institutional priorities; think more deeply about how we articulate our mission, culture, achievements, and aspirations to current and prospective stakeholders; and identify new strategic initiatives that expand our reach and national and global reputation.


  • Partner with the Head of School on strategic initiatives designed to optimize revenue for the school while honoring and advancing CA’s mission and core values.
  • Support the marketing and communications team in developing consistent branding and communications that resonate with all constituencies and enhance the visibility of the
  • Collaborate with other departments such as admissions, academics, student life, and athletics to align fundraising and marketing efforts with institutional priorities.
  • Report to the Head of School and have the following direct reports:
    • Director of Enrollment Management
    • Director of Marketing and Communications
    • Director of Auxiliary Revenue
    • Assistant Head for Advancement and Engagement
  • Convene and guide the Council for Institutional Advancement
  • Be an active member of select leadership councils and a thought partner for the Head of School, other senior administrators, and Board members. Serve as Head’s proxy for Committee on Trustees.
  • Work with the leadership council and CA community to develop core institutional messages that convey Concord’s global boarding school distinction and confirm the purpose and function of a school who sees itself as a community partner and understands the public purpose of private.
  • Use metrics as a management tool with the appreciation that good decision-making and strategy are forged from in-depth data and information, and hold people accountable for quantitative performance metrics to move the school forward.


  • Exceptional relationship-building skills: the personable and genuine ability to connect with people from all walks of life; an enthusiastic and thoughtful approach to bringing people closer to an organization and helping them see themselves as integral parts of the community; a relational leader with the ability to build teams, cultivate and foster trust among colleagues.
  • Seasoned school leader who has directly managed institutional development, enrollment management, marketing and communications, and auxiliary revenue; prior experience with residential and community life, health and wellness, and athletics is a plus.
  • Direct experience facilitating and leading strategic planning
  • Belief in metrics as a management tool: a conviction that good decision-making and strategy are forged from in-depth data and information and that holding people accountable for quantitative performance metrics is essential to moving an institution forward.
  • Marketing, communications, and public relations expertise:
    • A nuanced understanding of the independent school market and how well-calibrated messaging to a diverse audience of stakeholders can positively influence outcomes.
    • An appreciation of clear, concise, and consistent communication that accurately represents the essence of the school and the impact of successful marketing initiatives in supporting revenue generation operations.
    • Experience guiding communications around a crisis
    • Intimate knowledge of the importance of admissions and enrollment management as the lifeblood of the school and its short-, mid-, and long-term impact on net tuition
  • A proven track record and commitment to striving for equity and diversity in all
  • Strategic thought leader: a thinker and strategist always looking toward future destinations and the best ways to get there; a leader who proactively shares ideas with an eye toward
  • Strong manager and communicator: extensive experience leading diverse teams and holding individuals accountable; a transparent leader who can convey information and thinking in an inspiring and understandable fashion.

Concord Academy actively seeks employees who reflect and support our mission-driven commitment to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive school community. Concord Academy strives for equity and justice in our journey as a learning community. The common trust we are building values the unique contributions and voice of every individual. In keeping with our ideals, we invite candidates to join this process who bring a substantive and varied combination of educational pursuits and lived experiences that demonstrate the capacity to make a meaningful difference as a senior leader within our community. The school provides a competitive salary and benefits package.

We invite interested candidates to send a cover letter and resume via the ADP portal (found on our careers page) addressed to: Henry Fairfax, Head of School. To learn more about Concord Academy, please visit our website:

Concord Academy

Concord, MA
High School
Day, Boarding
All Gender